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The completion of transformation of State Road 111 old line Beijing newspaper news (intern reporter Li Bo) reporter from the Huairou highway road political bureau was informed that the national highway 111 soup to the municipal boundaries of old line reconstruction project has been successfully completed, the "eleven" period, the public can drive north along the Yanshan Road 111, enjoy the beauty of the mountain red drunk. 111 State Road Reconstruction Project of the old line south of Huairou Tanghekou Town, ridge head cap north to the border with Fengning, a total length of 42.27 kilometers, with 2014 at the end of the 111 national freeway traffic, the old line no longer bear the national highway main hub, has become an important link of local villagers working in the field, the village and the village, the new national import communication but as the old line, long life cycle, pavement damage, this road branch in Huairou on June to overhaul. Reconstruction project is divided into 33 paragraphs, the bridge of the 6, but also increased the corresponding traffic signs. It is understood that the national highway 111 line passes through the old changshaoying village and Labagoumen Township, which is Beijing’s two largest integrated Manchu Township, along the minority residents rely on the old line and good natural resources and cultural charm of Manchu folk custom tourism economic development, unique, Labagoumen, primeval forest the birch Valley and a large number of municipal and district level folk people travel resort is a good place for a holiday. J255相关的主题文章: