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12 13:00 Han Geng guest Sohu "big 3" news client chat – September 12th Han Geng visit Sohu Sohu entertainment news client chat "westward journey 3" zhizunbao Han Geng and Tang Yan writing 500 years Zixia sense of love entertainment Sohu directed by Jeffrey Lau, Han Geng, Tang Yan, Wu Jing, Karen Mok starred in the "Westward Journey" in 3 September 14th officially released. The "big 3", I vowed not to disappoint one lover, Zixia rewrite the fate tragedy, two people fighting for the fate of love. Male and female from the immortal combination of Stephen Chow + Athena Chu became Han Geng and Tang Yan, two people formed a "sugar" in the film CP, writing over 500 years of enduring odd love. Han Geng said, initially heard to play the part of Zhi Zunbao, fearing Yeh to surpass the classical has been very tangled, only to face. Under the guidance of the director, before accepting the role. In his third character — Sun Wukong, I, six ear macaque, and Sun Wukong and the six ear macaque part need sticky hair, very hard. In order to get closer to the Joker’s image, Han Geng specially invited ten years ago in South Korea coach to Chinese to give their special training for 21 days to lose 20 pounds. In the film, he must not only love and romance and Zixia, Tang Wu Jing together, play funny skill that I look forward to you……? September 12th 13:00, Han Geng will visit the Sohu news client chat with friends "westward journey 3". Want to chat with idols? Come on about it!相关的主题文章: