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21 year old man was seriously injured in a car accident coma parents want to donate organs to save 5 people (Figure) – the new net in Kui couple in the hospital for 6 days, the son of the injury still was diagnosed as "irreversible". Sichuan news network Chengdu October 8th (reporter correspondent photo coverage) from September 30th to October 8th, has been in the middle of grief and suffering for 9 days, the son still did not wake up from a coma. Irreversible brain injury." This is given by the results of hospital departments joint consultation of experts assessment, 42 year old Wang Zhongkui and his wife Wang Zhongju tears brim over with tears again. Prior to this, the couple from Guangyuan, Cangxi, and even a little bit of work with a fantasy, hope that the kind and sunny son can wake up from sleep. In September 29, 2 pm, 21 year old Baihe Village of Cangxi County Youth Wang Meng, riding a motorcycle in a traffic accident on the road, resulting in severe brain damage, the disease was diagnosed as irreversible. Wang Zhongkui and his wife made a difficult decision to donate their organs to save others. Tomorrow morning, Wang Meng’s organ donation will be launched in Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital, if not an accident, his kidneys, liver and eyes of the cornea, will be exchanged for 5 people reborn". 6 days waiting for the hospital son always can’t wake up the morning of October 8th, Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital at the door of the ICU bench, Wang Zhongkui couple have been waiting for 6 days, they always expect good news to pass within the ward son. On the afternoon of September 29th, Wang Zhongkui’s 21 year old son, Wang Meng, died of severe brain injury in a car accident and lost his own breath. He was able to maintain a weak vital sign. October 3rd morning, the provincial hospital team of doctors from Guangyuan to Wang Meng, and sent him to the ICU, Wang Zhongkui couple stayed up all night waiting for a few days. Sitting on the bench, Wang Zhongkui eyes dull, like lost soul, love Wang Zhongju sob from time to time, his eyes have been red. ICU electric glass door opening and closing every time, will attract the attention of Wang Zhongkui couple. 9 pm, visiting time, two couples went to stand in front of the glass door, then went to ICU, about 20 minutes later, the couple walked out, solemnly tearful. As long as there is a little hope to save, if you can not save, only to achieve his wish." In talks with the provincial hospital organ transplant center director Yang Hongji, Wang Zhongkui once again expressed willingness to donate. Yang Hongji told Wang Zhongkui: "when life can not be saved, only through the organ donation transplant way of life." Wang Zhongkui was a very sad day for the family of a boy who was seriously injured in a car accident and was "saved" in September 29th. 2 in the afternoon, a car collided with Wang Meng’s motorcycle, Wang Meng serious brain injury, coma on the spot. The next afternoon, Wang Meng was transferred to the Cangxi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine from the first people’s Hospital of Guangyuan City, because of the loss of spontaneous breathing, he was diagnosed with "no salvation". Wang Zhongkui said that in September of this year, before the and Guangdong work together with them. September ushered in the school, more than 9 years old son needs to return home from Guangdong, Guangyuan, school, in order to take care of his brother, Wang Meng.相关的主题文章: