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37 not as cadres of accountability – Politics – people.com.cn newspaper Urumqi on 22 November,     (reporter Li Yanan) recently, Xinjiang Commission for Discipline Inspection in Kashi area of 11 counties in 15 county-level cadres, 22 level cadres were given the party warning, admonishing conversation and removal process, and instructed the 11 counties of the main party leaders to make a profound examination. This is the first time in Kashi in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee for the relevant responsible person accountability. This year, the "13th Five-Year" central Xinjiang special funds for the construction of a number of bilingual kindergarten in Kashi area, is not enough, some counties and units attention floating style, lack of work, the project progress is very slow, and some even push without moving. As of October 20th, when the inspection, the whole area is only 5 of the completion of the kindergarten, the ongoing renovation of the 28, the construction of the 70, there are no construction started in 52. In view of the above situation, Kashi prefectural Party committee, commission for Discipline Inspection in accordance with the "Regulations" Chinese party accountability "China Communist Party disciplinary regulations", 15 county-level cadres were given party warning, admonishing conversation, on the 22 level cadres to give the party warning and removal process. "People’s Daily" (November 23, 2016 11 Edition) (commissioning editor: Yuan Bo)相关的主题文章: