40% eight Taiwan people are not satisfied with the performance of Cai Yingwen’s cross-strait policy onavo protect

40% eight Taiwan people are not satisfied with Cai Yingwen’s cross-strait policy performance – Sohu news Cai Yingwen Chen Xiaoyuan agency issued photo China News Agency, Taipei in September 19,   announced that the "United Daily News"; 19, "2016 annual survey of cross-strait relations", the Taiwan leader Cai Yingwen to handle cross-strait relations, people with negative evaluation the majority of. 40% of the respondents were dissatisfied with the performance of the people of Taiwan, Cai Yingwen, 30%, a satisfactory, no opinion of 10% seven. The survey also found that over the past year, people believe that the two sides in terms of foreign affairs and military competition in the ratio of the apparent rise. 10% of the eight people believe that the "consensus of the 92" dispute will lead to changes in cross-strait relations. For the future of Taiwan, the advocates of maintaining the status quo than the previous survey dropped by eight percentage points. The survey was conducted from August 31st to September 9th in the evening, in the Taiwan area of residential telephone random sampling method, successfully interviewed 1004 adults, the other 752 people refused to visit; at 95% confidence level, the sampling error within plus or minus 3.1 percentage points. Zhao Chunshan, honorary professor at Tamkang University wrote interpretation of the above investigation. He believes that compared with the United Nations newspaper poll conducted last year before the election, the poll conducted for the first time this year after the election results show that the views of the people of Taiwan for cross-strait relations is clearly quite a sense". Zhao Chunshan and Cai Yingwen pointed out that although so far in the office just over a hundred days, but the people on his handling of cross-strait relations, the evaluation results show quite negative, "not satisfied" and "very dissatisfied" ratio (48%) is far more than the rate of "very satisfied" and "fairly satisfied with" (31%). The result of this investigation, the Cai Yingwen Administration formulated as worthy of mainland policy and handle cross-strait relations reference, should first political orientation of cross-strait relations, cross-strait relations and the nature of the problem, make more direct and clear exposition. 19, 2009, the United Daily News also published an editorial pointed out that the Cai Yingwen administration took office only for the past four months, but people become worried, it is because Cai Yingwen refused to recognize the "consensus of the 92" caused by a series of reactions caused by. The newspaper Ke Wenzhe in the Taipei dome building on the failure of anti Cai Yingwen: wrong policy remonstrance to early correction, do not think that people’s patience is not the bottom line.相关的主题文章: