salt and sugar content too much. In addition 小偷行窃遭猛揍 上海大雄宝殿平移

Rice Dumplings       May the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, the occasional few will inevitably eat dumplings. Taiwan Taipei District Joint Hospital of Chinese medicine practitioners of Chinese medicine hospitals Chen Zhaozong on the 25th to remind people, before and after the Dragon Boat Festival acute gastroenteritis patients increase, because the majority of eating too much unhealthy eating the dumplings, or caused by, people with fruits and vegetables can help Gastrointestinal motility, enhance the gastrointestinal tract to digest. Chen Zhaozong said that the dumplings is characterized by a lack of fiber, fat , salt and sugar content too much. In addition, glutinous rice make meat Zong, high-viscosity, Yi Xiaohua, people can eat more fruits and vegetables to help gastrointestinal motility. However, the best two hours before bed Do not eat meat Zong, nor with more cold water consumption of fruits such as watermelon, to avoid symptoms of abdominal pain or diarrhea. He said that a salty meat Zong equivalent to about a half to a bowl of rice, heat about 400 to 500 cards, the best day of the general women do not eat more than three, the best men do not eat more than five. Diabetics should be the selection of light, the non-fat meat dumplings. As for hypertension, patients with high blood lipids, James to use less butter, so as to avoid excessive intake of sodium, affecting blood pressure control; In addition, high-cholesterol egg yolk, the best eat. If Zuichan eat more, abdominal distention difficult to digest, or worry too much fat calories, Chen Zhaozong proposal to eliminate the people cooking malt tea Flatulence, or glutinous rice dumplings will be produced, the grain system in the Baptist Amomum villosum miscellaneous grains, wood, Chenpi Juice, enhance Air Jianwei Xiaozhang. If you want to know more information, please clink here: x?id=NET39826137 相关的主题文章: