Audit the situation and try to understand how the problem was created and its present status 电视剧限酬令发布 江苏常熟突发火灾

Increasingly both public and private organizations are recognizing the importance of environmental management for long-term viability, risk management, cost-effectiveness, and client relations. This increased emphasis on environmental management has led to an increase in need for professionals with a solid understanding of sustainability and environmental management systems. The green jobs market is growing rapidly, and with it the demand for highly-qualified environmental management professionals. What is Environmental Management? Environmental management is a method of developing standards and policies to reduce the environmental impact of an organization. An environmental management system can be either formal or informal, developed by external experts or informally using internal resources. In general, an environmental management program will cover a wide range of environmental issues, including some if not all of the following: Air pollution Ecosystem, wildlife, and habitat impacts Energy consumption Environmental clean-up and remediation Environmental performance of contractors and vendors Greenhouse gas emissions Hazardous waste management Indoor air quality Land use patterns Raw materials use Solid waste production and recycling Toxic chemical use Wastewater management Water consumption (indoor, outdoor, and in manufacturing or industrial processes) Water quality measurement The issues covered by a particular organizations environmental management program will depend greatly on the nature of the work and the desired outcomes. Generally, an environmental management system will provide the following structures: Audit of current environmental activities, waste production, energy and water use, and other environmental factors Development of written policies and procedures as part of a broad internal environmental policy Create benchmarks to conserve energy and water, shrink emissions and pollution, conserve land and habitat, and limit waste production and chemical use Provide training and awareness for employees and stakeholders Measure results, which can be used for environmental certifications and compliance reporting Benefits of Environmental Management Systems Those businesses, nonprofits, schools, and governments that employ environmental management systems achieve a diverse range of benefits, including: Reduced costs for waste disposal, chemicals, water, and energy More effective use of resources resulting in lower costs Greater loyalty from employees and shareholders alike Improved public reputation and increased marketing opportunities Reduced risk related to environmental certification and compliance Protection from rising energy costs and price fluctuations Though still a relatively innovative differentiation technique, environmental management will soon become business as usual as more executives understand the benefits and implications of sustainability. Role of Environmental Professional Depending upon a number of factors, an environmental professional may engage a customer who is either their employer or a client from whom they are receiving payment for services. No matter what the relationship is, keep the following basic personal rules in mind at all times: Follow all the rules created by the law, Be ethical and seek advice from a lawyer or environmental agency, Audit the situation and try to understand how the problem was created and its present status, Consult with other professionals on possible alternative solutions, Provide suggestions as to alternatives, Regulate and control environmental activities, Remove yourself from the situation before allowing it to go further. About the Author: Christopher Young is the director of operations for the National Registry of Environmental Professionals (NREP), Glenview, IL, an internationally recognized professional environmental certifications organization. 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