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SEO Businesses could invest many hours and a lot of money on various online strategies. But none of that hard work will amount to much if you don’t have a solid base. That base is an effective web design to support your digital marketing in Trinidad and Tobago . After all, skillfully steering viewers to your website does no good if the site itself is confusing, unattractive and poorly set up. We begin our monthly series on web development with an overview of what it is, and a brief look at each element, to help you to create and manage your site with success. First, let’s begin with how to define web development. The basics Web development refers to the work done to create a web site for the internet. Those sites can range from a single text page to a more complex layered property that includes links and images. Developing a web site involves making design decisions and incorporating technical elements such as mark-ups and coding. Your digital marketing success will depend greatly on how well these two pieces come together. The technical elements The bones of a good website are the things that cannot be seen by the visitor. Coding is the computer language used to create web pages. HTML coding (HyperText Markup Language) is the method of coding (tagging) text, graphics and design elements. Those codes help the web browser to display those images. Each page of a website is programmed with mark-ups that help the search engines identify your site. Using certain words and descriptions help match your site with various queries, or searches, people may be conducting on any given topic. Design Form and function should go hand-in-hand. Much like designing anything, visual impact plays a large role in the design of a website. Here are a few things to consider when designing a website: 1. Fonts and typography the style of lettering used across the site. 2. Color choices here can convey a certain image or feel, even provoke an emotion. 3. Graphics and images all- text pages are dull, incorporating images and graphics liven up the pages and help to explain certain information in a way that holds people’s attention. 4. Layout decisions on where to place the text, images, and graphics on the page affects its overall look and ease of use. 5. Accessibility and Usability making it easy for visitors to find what they need and to accomplish various tasks is vital to your site. 6. Navigation help your customers move from one page to another on your site without having to conduct a fresh search. Pulling it together There is a lot to determine when it comes to web development. Knowing what image you want to project, understanding the technical set-up, and mastering the techniques needed to develop a useful site all require learning about each of the elements mentioned above. Check in for the rest of our series on successful digital marketing through effective web design. Our goal is to help you create a site that has impact, ease of use, and that helps to drive business. If you’d like to speak with our professional web development team, contact us. We can take you through the process of web design and various other strategies for digital marketing in Trinidad and Tobago. Source: About the Author: 相关的主题文章: