Qin Shuo calls for equal treatment of content creators 哪位历史人物最欠扁

Qin Shuo called for equal treatment of content creators, "China Economic 50 people forum 2016 annual meeting" was held in Beijing in February 19th. This is the famous media man Qin shuo. (photo source: Sina Finance) Sina Finance News "China economy 50 people forum 2016 annual meeting" was held in Beijing in February 19th. Famous media man Qin Shuo attended and spoke. The following is the speech: Qin Shuo: Although the media industry is giving priority to the social benefits of the industry, but the general laws of the market in which also plays a role, I talk about the content of industry supply and demand change problem. Many people think that the content industry is shrinking, 2012-2015 years, Chinese films from 17 billion to 44 billion 669 million, is the rapid growth. Internet advertising in 2012 is 79 billion 300 million, in 2015, the figures have not yet come out, but Q4 has 62 billion 100 million, the same is also the rapid growth. The demand for content supply is growing at a tremendous rate. Why are there so many pessimistic statements? For example, the traditional newspaper, from my own data, probably in the income of this piece, from 2012-2015, now the revenue fell 1/3, from a profit perspective now is almost the entire trade deficit. In the study of supply side reform, it is also necessary to see what changes have taken place in the demand side structure. Second, in the content industry supply side reforms, what content production main body, divided into two categories, one is the state-owned, state the main content of the production has some monopoly power, some tax relief, there are many special things, and similar financial assets assessment, and double track things. Are these factors promoting the improvement of their vitality and the improvement of market share? It’s not. In turn to see the second main supply is private, we see a movie, we look at the film and television drama, sports, music, network literature, in fact, did not give them preferential policies, if there is permission to let you free to enter, you can do, nature can make good things. If the change of the supply side, I think the micro market, an inspiration to us, we still have to believe that these people will become independent because it is responsible for the supply of the main body, will be under the pressure of competition, to provide high quality content. Now there are one million public numbers, and you can’t say that this is overcapacity and regulation too. From the point of view of content industry, as a film entrepreneur, I should treat equally. Sina statement: all meeting minutes are not finishing the scene shorthand, reviewed by the speaker, sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.

秦朔呼吁平等对待内容创作者   “中国经济50人论坛2016年年会”于2月19日在北京召开。上图为知名媒体人秦朔。(图片来源:新浪财经)   新浪财经讯 “中国经济50人论坛2016年年会”于2月19日在北京召开。知名媒体人秦朔出席并演讲。   以下为演讲实录:   秦朔:虽然媒体行业是社会效益优先的产业,但一般的市场规律在这里面也起着作用,我谈谈内容产业中供求变化的问题。很多人认为内容产业在萎缩,2012-2015年,中国电影从170亿到446.69亿,是飞速增长。互联网广告2012年是793亿,2015年数字还没有出来,但是Q4就有621亿,同样也是高速增长。内容供应的需求是在以极大速度增长的,为什么有那么多悲观的说法呢?比如说传统的报刊,从我自己的数据来看,大概在收入这一块,从2012-2015年,现在收入下降三分之一,现在从利润角度来看几乎是全行业亏损。在研究供给侧改革的时候,也要看需求侧结构发生了什么样的变化。   第二个,在内容产业供给侧改革里面,生产内容主体需要什么,分成两类,一个是国有,国有内容生产主体有一些垄断的权力,有一些减免所得税,还有很多特惠的东西,还有资产评估,还有类似金融双轨制的东西。这些因素有没有促进他们活力的提升和对市场占有率的提高呢?其实是没有的。反过来再看第二个供给的主体是民营的,我们看看电影,我们看看影视剧、体育、音乐、网络文学等,其实并没有给他们政策优惠,如果有的话就是许可,让你自由进入,你可以做,自然就可以做出很好的东西。   如果看供给侧的变化,我认为微观市场主体,给我们一个启发,我们还是要相信这些人会因为它成为自主负责的供应主体,会在竞争压力下,千方百计提供高质量的内容。现在有一百万个公众号,你不能说这也是产能过剩,也要加强管制。从内容产业角度来看,我作为一个影视创业者,要平等对待。   新浪声明:所有会议实录均为现场速记整理,未经演讲者审阅,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。相关的主题文章: