Star Cristiano Ronaldo on Buddha fans stupid, you hurt us 法拉利599gto

Star C Lo foot Buddha fan: stupid, you hurt us, walking at the foot of the Shakya Muni C C, no matter where you are controversial. This time, C’s dispute is not on the pitch, but outside the court. Recently, the President issued a photo on INS’s personal account, the result was a fierce criticism of Internet users. Originally, the photo is a photo of Shakya Muni and C luo. C, not the thousand million, should not, should not have the right foot in the base on the statue of Shakya Muni. This photo, C Luo is 20 in the morning. In the photo below, C Luo wrote only "good morning". However, users do not like the behavior of C lo, that he did not respect Shakya Muni. In the photo below, netizens began to reward him. Some people say: "at least the slightest show of respect." Some people say: "it may not be anything for you, but for others, it is important." Others wrote: "you should respect other religions, do not do so." Some people say: "excuse me, don’t put your feet on the Buddha’s face, you should not send photos on the internet. You’re supposed to be better than this." Some people criticize it more harshly: "it’s disrespectful. How can you put your feet on Shakya Muni? I didn’t expect you to do such a foolish thing. Mr. C, you lost a fan today. That’s too bad." Others say: "you should respect other religions. You can’t do this stupid thing. You can’t be a civilized man. This is so ugly!" Others said: "this is the Buddha, he is the God of buddhism. Please show respect." Some people forgive the Real Madrid star: "C lo, I am your fan. But you have to respect our buddha. Whether you are Christian, Muslim, or India, you have thousands of buddhists. You are a famous football player. I forgive you, but don’t do it. This photo hurt our (Buddhist) heart. Only religious people can understand me." Although this photo C Luo sparked a lot of controversy, but the Portuguese Superstar I have not deleted this photo, the photo in Instagram’s point of praise over 1 million 750 thousand. Of course, it was also pointed out that, C Luo may be unintentional.相关的主题文章: