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The United Nations: each year 600 thousand children with lead paint – Sohu news leaded paint has been listed for sale for years in many countries, proved its suitability as a substitute for the market economy, and the cost is very low, many manufacturers have been successful production. But only 36% of the countries (62 of the 196 countries) have issued a legally binding lead paint ordinance. Nairobi hot street, street noise. A gushing crowd, a mixture of sweat of the crowded sidewalk. All this suggests that here is a densely populated area. After several times came to the Nairobi informal industrial zone, shuttle in a row of pulleys, the accumulation of goods on both sides of the original road is not wide narrower. Here, Dr. Were saw a man half of his arm into the paint bucket, she tried to suppress his inner anxiety and restlessness. She stood in the men’s Wooden mill, looked at him before one of the stands and riotous with colour paint barrels, then Njuki Mwangi stopped, shook hands soaked in paint in the head, smiling at her. In fact, Dr. Were is on a mission. She is working with health and medical experts to eliminate lead paint in Kenya, the lead toxin added to paint, creating about 600 thousand new cases of childhood mental retardation each year. Mwangi shook his head when asked if he knew about the personal health risks. These informal sector employs 3/4 of Kenya, which means that most of Kenya’s labor force in the absence of safety and health protection work in the environment, there will be no formal business problems. Lead free coatings have been on sale in many countries for many years, and proved to be suitable for the market as well as low cost. But only 36% of the countries (62 of the 196 countries) have issued a legally binding lead paint ordinance. The global alliance for the elimination of lead paint, led by the United Nations Environment Programme and the WHO, has set a target for all governments to ban lead paint by 2020. Kenya need to eliminate all lead paint." Dr. Were said, we have been working closely with relevant government agencies to develop national standards for lead, hoping to help achieve the goal of completely banned lead paint in 2020." The milk is not clear lead magic bullet from the Mwangi paint shop to continue to move forward, not far away in the residential area, the three woman was leaning against the wall of raw chicken chop, and next to a car painting are busy with work, smoke in the small courtyard across tens of meters far can smell. Dr. Were sees Elijah in a second-hand car. Elijah said he knew he would get sick with lead paint, so he sometimes wore a mask, but he also pointed to the other side of the same hard work colleagues, no protective equipment. "You should drink milk after painting," he said. "Milk can help you remove the dirt from your chest." Unfortunately, the chief pharmacist M Kenyatta hospital in Nairobi相关的主题文章: