Red lips and eyes! Do you know Terracotta Army like this (map) 木村kaela

Red lips and eyes! Do you know Terracotta Army like this? (Figure) original title: double fold, red lips! Do you know Terracotta Army like this? Eleven golden week, the national scenic open everyone from the crowd model! Multi channel CNR reporters are lurking in your plan to go, did not go up or are visiting the hot spots. You want to ask, want to know, did not expect… TA will help you clear the "town"! A full range of exploration, to help you feel, for you to find the things in the scenic spots"… The fifth stop: Xi’an day tour of Xi’an, which has thousands of years of history of the ancient city of culture, with its deep cultural heritage to attract tens of thousands of tourists. According to the "2016 eleven travel report and popularity list" shows that Xi’an in 20 hot tourist city in the forefront of national day, four days, Xi’an City, the monitoring of 12 key scenic tourists 1 million 316 thousand passengers, ticket sales 120 million yuan. The famous national 5A class scenic Qin Qin Terracotta Army scenic traffic record highs, only on October 3rd the day of the reception of nearly 120 thousand people. The ancient city of Xi’an to travel to Xi’an, a small partner, the real travel experience exactly how? CNR reporters Zhou Yifan, Yang Boyu in the ancient city of Xi’an Town, where the "tour" is odd, chaos! Some tourist sites suspected of "copycat crudely made". The following chart, seeking identification! What the hell is that? This is Terracotta Army? The reporter rushed to the real "latent record": listen to the 7:45 Xi’an tour Chinese survey from the voice of Terracotta Army to go? After getting on the bus "magic" of the journey began… XiAn Railway Station square, the volunteers are organizing the queue of tourists, according to the order to the tourist bus ride, patrol cars, police and volunteers, a lot more than usual. But this is not the case with the street to stop soliciting. Tour guide: can we go to Terracotta Army? Terracotta Army, Huaqing Hot Spring…… You can not sit on the bus, the queue is two hours, no car back, you and I, Huaqing Hot Spring, Terracotta Army, a total of three attractions to pull you in the past, $20. Subsequently, the reporter was brought to a parking lot near the station, the staff did not evade the fence outside the patrol car, introduced the so-called "East" tourist routes: the Palace of the Earth, Museum of the eight wonders of the world, Hongmenyan ruins, Wang Ying and Terracotta Army. Tour guide: these attractions are tourism companies, Tourism Bureau carefully selected scenic spots. Is a national 4A class tourist attractions, banquet and Wang Ying two spots together…… Full, guide to the vehicle can not be out of the parking lot grounds, so that all visitors to the parking lot outside the ride on a bus, then the car heading for Lintong. Tour guide: "today we all the tickets to attractions agency, we have introduced the signing system, every ten people to the travel agency product 1 points, the end of the month the travel agency to take the rebate, today you should be able to understand, rebate everywhere, so you take it easy. After about forty minutes, the bus turned into the road, this is the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor and the camp相关的主题文章: