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Not more than eighty thousand tax cuts   Chinese brand small SUV recommended – People’s car – People’s original title: no more than eighty thousand of China’s small SUV tax cuts recommended if asked what is the most fire? No doubt, of course, SUV! According to previously published data, the first half of this year, China’s auto market SUV sales soared 44.26%, is currently the highest growth rate of all segments of the Chinese car market. If you want to buy a "herd" SUV, his hand is not so much of the budget, may wish to look at the following several small displacement SUV. These cars have less than 80 thousand yuan, plus the last day on the eve of the national vehicle purchase tax reduction policy, 1.6L buy a car following displacement but also cheaper half of the purchase tax, the money saved can eat how many times the sea fishing! Don’t say much, quickly follow the editor to look at these cars. Body size contrast model of Changan CS15 S35 Zhi Shang hover H1 refine S2 magic speed S2 (mm) 4100402538984135 wide (mm) 1740172517291730 (mm) 1635164416211550 (mm) 25102500246024902 wheelbase 560   recommended models: Changan CS15 manufacturers guide price: 5.79-7.79 yuan the highest discount: 2 thousand yuan engine: 1.5L naturally aspirated engine CS15 as the Changan passenger car market this year, the "dark horse", a very eye-catching performance in the small area of SUV, the appearance of fashion movement is a magic weapon to attract young consumers. Grille sharp personality publicity, there are two sides of God’s eyes calm, delicate face and edge will reveal the most incisive. Vehicle sideways bold powerful lines, waist line and below the plating decoration echoed. CS15 tail full shape, simple lines outline the atmosphere of the gesture, showing a strong sense of power. Coupled with the dynamic aluminum alloy wheels, so that the car’s breath is particularly strong. CS15 has a very distinctive appearance extended to the interior, so that the same interior fashion dynamic. A decorative plating air outlet firm located in the control screen on both sides, and the upper convex lines together to create a forward dive trend. Three spoke steering wheel with leather wrapped, and modified red lines, sports atmosphere to highlight. Two color seats also add a lot of vitality to CS15, but unfortunately can not be adjusted. The configuration, the vehicle is equipped with dual front airbags, vehicle stability system, upslope auxiliary, parking radar, cruise control, voice control system and air purification device. Power, Changan CS15 is equipped with 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power of the engine is 78.5kW, peak torque of 145Nm, matching with the engine is 5 block manual gearbox and 5 speed dual clutch gearbox. It is worth mentioning that the 5 speed dual clutch gearbox is Changan independent R & D相关的主题文章: