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Coal multi transformation to create small grains "in the realm of kingdom" – Beijing, Beijing, Lvliang, September 22, (Fan Lifang) "if Shanxi is China grains" kingdom ", then Lvliang is the" king of kings ", you must have the potatoes and grains out." 22, from across the country face dozens of media reporters, Shanxi Lvliang municipal Party committee secretary Wang Qingxian as a "tour guide" status, spare no effort to recommend the local economy and culture, from astronomy to geography, from grains to aluminum ore. Nearly an hour unscripted speech to the visiting reporters left the impression of "honest and wise". Lvliang "rich" coal boss, is the impression of the outside world. However, once the heavy coal is now trapped because of coal. In order to make the local economy out of the doldrums, change the image, performance of the Lvliang party secretary Wang Qingxian soon on many public occasions, or visiting guests to the outside world to promote Lvliang’s "new name card" — potatoes, Cereals, Fen, aluminum ore, solar energy, cloud computing, planting deep processing breeding, through the mining industry potential change the economic structure of the past a single large coal. Lvliang is located in the western part of central Shanxi, named for the Lvliang mountains. Local coal, iron, aluminum reserves, high quality. According to reports, the city covers 54.3% of the total area of coal, reserves of about 42000000000 tons. "Coal is our advantage, can not rely on, the key is not completely dependent on." Wang Qingxian introduced, in addition to coal, aluminum, photovoltaic and other resources are very rich, the local bauxite reserves of 6.49 tons, accounting for 45.7% of Shanxi, "if the solution of the cost of electricity, from the raw materials, processing and transportation to market demand level, Lvliang is a building richly endowed by nature of the aluminum industry chain preferred." In addition to the heavy industry, Wang Qingxian is also well aware of the local natural environment, agricultural planting. "We are in the latitude and longitude, the most suitable for the growth of potatoes." Wang Qingxian from the growth environment, the nutritional value of potatoes, potatoes as practice, weiweidaolai. For a small local gravity is to promote high quality grains, thanks to Wang Qingxian Lu Liangshan ravines, mountain forest, the terrain here, various grains are also due to the students. If Shanxi is China ‘grains, then Lvliang is the "kingdom" in the kingdom of the kingdom. "." In an hour’s time, Wang Qingxian introduces to visitors as Lvliang local plant breeding, tourism, Fen, light and cloud computing industry, journalists on the social networking platform to evaluate the "good faith", "cute Secretary" and "honest knowledge", and hope that through the new Lvliang reports let the world know. 20 to 27 days, from the 59 national key website media reporter group members will go to Taiyuan, Lvliang, Jinzhong, Yangquan four City, field visits, Qikou town Cang Erhui of ecological tourism projects, Jia Jia Zhuang Cun, Pingyao Photography Festival, new charm and a new chapter in the aspects of focusing on Shanxi cultural tourism development development and construction of ecological civilization; focus on the interview with the Pingyao Coal Group stone papermaking project, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Shanxi Ruiguang power plant, on the supply side structural change)相关的主题文章: