This is the real · wireless charging, taking 5 meters while playing mobile phone while charging tsumori chisato

This is the real · wireless charging, taking 5 meters while playing mobile phone while charging! Although there are a lot of mobile phones or wearable device manufacturers to support their own nominal wireless charging, but in practical applications, or to put your electronic equipment on an ugly base. And you must not charge the phone when you play it? For example, Samsung mobile phone wireless charging to engage in machine brother today to introduce a wireless charging products – TechNovator XE, which may be the real future of wireless charging look. In this year’s IFA exhibition, TechNovator brings the latest version of TechNovator XE wireless charging equipment, is above the square box, it does not occupy much space, but can deploy the space electric field in a radius of 5 meters, in order to achieve the ability to charge the device. Of course, you need to install a special shell on your electronic device, and because the current TechNovator XE power is not high, the charging rate is not very fast. But this ability is not enough. But for the time being, this is just a prototype, it is understood that this product has a listing plan, it is possible that the market will be officially launched in 2017, when it comes to the market, it should be able to solve many problems. Imagine if at home can be used not only on WIFI, you can also think of where the charging charge in which charge, play mobile phone doesn’t have to worry about power and position ~ but is not like WiFi, you can also go to the electric rub neighbor? Ha ha ha… This is still looking forward to the invention of the machine, and you? This article from Tencent news client from the media, does not represent the views and positions of Tencent news. ]相关的主题文章: