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Grilled steak Hilary early as "scandal wonderful story" house of cards – financial Sohu in recent months, the U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hilary · Clinton suffered frequent scandals "bombing", the American mainstream media are crazy for her efforts to "wash white". Hilary suffered attacks including "Benghazi incident" (Benghazi, 2012 Hilary served as secretary of state (Benghazi) of the U.S. consulate was attacked, causing the ambassador and three other Americans were killed, so Hilary slammed), e-mail leaked door, the Clinton foundation "fee for service" (pay-to-play) of the illegal money, "health the door" etc.. For a time, the media began to fail to understand why voters never thought Hilary was a worthy candidate At the "Wall Street journal" Peggy Noonan believes that the problem lies in the Clinton family from the last century since 70s scandal, in the opinion of some Americans, Mrs. Clinton’s name was almost equivalent to the "scandal" of the word itself. Young voters are very familiar with Hilary’s recent scandal, compared to older voters still clearly remember, from the last century since the beginning of 90s Clinton couple into the public view, they have been mired in scandal derailed. (1993 us first lady Hilary) recently, the Wall Street journal combed the early days of the scandal in the early days of the White House —Travelgate Hilary scandal (travel office personnel scandal). In 1993, President Clinton took office soon, it dismissed the director of the White House Office of Billy travel Dale et al. And accused them of misappropriating public funds, and then arranged for a friend to serve as Dale. After investigation, the federal court declared Dale et al. Clinton and his wife have been strongly criticized by Republicans and public opinion, and is known as the scandal. "Hilary, not Clinton, screwed up the whole thing. Hilary showed great judgment in this matter, "the Wall Street Journal reported. At that time, the media also Clinton in his early days to take such a rude way to expel these senior White House staff shocked. Under the pressure of public opinion, the White House began to provide a number of story version". The Wall Street Journal reported: "in the opinion of the public criticism, the White House changed their version of the story. The White House, they say, is trying to cut back on unnecessary spending. Then, the White House said it was trying to implement a competitive bidding process. Soon after, they also provided a new version of the story: White House travel office staff adjustment and former U.S. Vice President Gore (Al Gore) national performance evaluation. However, after this version came out immediately refuted by Gore. The White House also said the move was related to the promises made by Clinton during the election campaign to cut the White House’s 25% staff. Finally, they also claimed that the staff is not sacked, but left without. "相关的主题文章: