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Chinese brand SUV has the risk of being marginalized? – People’s car – People’s original title: Chinese brand SUV has been marginalized risk? July, the domestic SUV market new car sales 580 thousand, an increase of 48%; 1-7 month cumulative, SUV market new car sales of 4 million 440 thousand, an increase of up to 45%. Domestic SUV market continues to maintain a rapid growth trend, while the same period the base is relatively low, in July sales growth is more obvious. From the monthly trend, the first 7 months of the domestic SUV market monthly sales growth into inverted V trend, which grew by 61% in January, an increase of 32% in July, an increase of up to 48%. Caused by the growth rate of inverted V trend has two factors: first, the base reasons for the same period, leading to a relatively low growth rate in February and in April, the growth rate is relatively high in the other months; two is the SUV manufacturers to promote sales growth. But overall, the current domestic car sales growth rate of SUV has been higher than 30%, indicating that the market has strong demand. From the point of view of market segments SUV, SUV small and compact SUV market size is relatively large, 1-7 two market segments of the new car sales are more than 1 million vehicles, of which the compact SUV’s new car sales reached 2 million 570 thousand vehicles, an increase of 930 thousand net. But it is worth mentioning that the small SUV growth of concern, this year 1-7 month SUV small car sales growth of 21%, not only is the lowest growth rate of SUV market segments, while compared with the same period last year growth is shrinking very obvious (the same period last year small SUV new car sales growth as high as 124%). To be concerned, the cause of the small SUV market growth slowed down mainly in the following aspects, one is the needs of this segment of the market may not be large, the expected market size may not be ideal; the many car companies to strengthen the new products in this market segment delivery, lead to this market segment from the blue ocean market quickly into the Red Sea market. From the brand perspective, joint venture brands and Chinese brand in the SUV market performance is more and more especially in the marketing aspect, well-matched in strength, the joint venture brand is China brand existence gap was significantly reduced. 1-7 months of this year, the joint venture with the Chinese brand SUV brand new car sales difference of only 80 thousand, compared with the same period last year, a difference of 100 thousand, in 2014 was a difference of up to 390 thousand. It is worth mentioning that, because of the advantages of the brand and the product, the joint venture brand is also superior to the Chinese brand in terms of brand premium and bicycle profit. Therefore, with the Chinese brand in the scale of production and no longer have obvious advantages, the joint venture brand has begun to gradually occupy the essence of the active position of the SUV market, it is worth the vigilance of Chinese brands. From the business perspective, 1-7 month SUV new car sales ranking TOP10 companies are: the Great Wall automobile, Changan automobile, Dongfeng Nissan, SAIC, Dongfeng Honda, Beijing Hyundai, SAIC GM Wuling, GAMC, JAC and Ford Changan; sales is as follows: 440 thousand),相关的主题文章: