New Ling Chi M5 and popular F600 Guangzhou listing Conference coreldraw快捷键大全

New and popular F600 Ling Chi M5 listed on the Guangzhou conference in October 23, 2016, a new era of new business to create a double M5 and popular F600 Ling Chi Guangzhou Regional Conference listed in Guangzhou Hao Jing popular haven store held. It is reported that the Guangzhou Dongfeng popular dealers, many mainstream media and customers to jointly participate in, great momentum. A new generation of business utility, new Ling Chi M5 provides 1.6L and 2.0L two power options, a total of 4 models, priced at $71 thousand and 900 -9.89 million. A new generation of intermediate business vehicles popular F600 equipped with 1.5T and 2.0L power, a total of 10 models, priced at 99 thousand and 900 yuan -12.29 million. The new M5:7-10 Ling Chi Yuan MPV masterpiece Ling Chi is China’s independent brand business MPV foundation works, listed since 2001, with the advantage of comfortable, economical and practical, reliable quality, has won wide recognition in the market, 2016 cumulative sales have exceeded 600 thousand. After the F500 Ling Chi Chengdu auto show, now officially named "new Ling Chi M5", designed to meet the consumers on the entry-level business MPV upgrade, as the main sales of Ling Chi 3 series products, is directly covered microblogging users to upgrade the market. Positioning as a new generation of practical business, the new Ling Chi M5, in the vehicle quality to achieve a new upgrade, will build a 7-10 million MPV market segments boutique models. Its listing, and Ling Chi 3 Department jointly improve the wisdom of the product layout, and enhance the competitiveness of the product, become a popular brand in the East, the main model of win-win sales.     new Ling Chi M5 has a unique advantage of handsome appearance, large practical space, comfortable configuration, etc. beyond the golden combination of power, which can fully meet the business reception comfortable ride, and can take into account the practical business of transportation demand bearing. The second rows of seats can be moved back and forth, the third rows of seats can be hung side by side, as many as 9 seats, the maximum storage space can be extended to 4400L. 8 inch touch screen, can realize the interconnection of mobile phone; the new car before the door, welcome lamp arm collocation, show humane care; 5 panoramic sunroof let every passenger has a piece of the sky belongs to myself. In NVH noise, by increasing the body sealing, acoustic package processing, introduced the dual mass flywheel vibration damping effect is the best, and the torsional vibration damper, vibration absorbing device, brings leading a comfortable and peaceful enjoyment. The popular F600 beach 10-15 000 MPV Blue Ocean: in recent years, although the rapid growth of the MPV market, but there is a short board is not reasonable in its interior, especially the business field of MPV, facing two big middle small. The fierce competition in the high-end business MPV market, new diechu. Low-end business car market, but also presents a thriving scene. Only in the middle of the commercial vehicle market, the market in the sale of products less, consumers can not choose models, while the old vehicle replacement slow, serious backward product capacity, can not meet the growing consumer.相关的主题文章: