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The August issue of private equity products 254 drop 82% "golden nine silver ten" will come? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! On each reporter Yang Jian intern reporter Mo Shuting and lack of confidence in the market downturn seems to fall into the cycle, investors for equity products still dull. According to the reporter learned that each investment treasure, the current issue of private equity products into a low ebb. Wind information data show that in August the number of private equity fund issued a single month in 254, compared with a sharp decline of 82.23% in July, the data show that in July issued only 1429. Among them, the August private offering of stock strategy products for 204 products, less than last month’s 1/5. Under this background, even though the stock index rose 3.56% in August, the market is looking forward to the "golden nine silver ten" market will come? In September 2016, new China A shares of hedge fund managers confidence index was 100.85, up 9.7% last month, the index back above the critical value of 100, but the range is limited. Statistics show that the majority of private institutions currently maintain a position, opening the will of the weak. In August the issue of private equity products dropped 82% Wind statistics, in August the establishment of private equity products, a substantial decline in the number of private equity fund products; monthly number of issued a total of 254, compared with July 1429 issue number only dropped 82.23%. These 254 products issue size of $6 billion 129 million, of which there are 204 products for equity funds, accounting for the total number of products issued in August of 80.31%, the issue size of $5 billion 818 million, accounting for 94.93% of the size of the issue of the product in August. Reporters noted that in the new regulations under the private supervision, had not been record’s first product "shell" private in July actively grab preparation, resulting in the number of July registration of private equity products outbreak. July 18th, the securities and futures institutions private asset management business management Interim Provisions of the formal implementation. The interim provisions put forward strict requirements on the private investment consulting business, which also makes part of the private investment in August related products issued and filing suspended, so that in July the number of private filing and issue a certain decline. For the private investment products issued, a private person said to reporters: "with the implementation of information management of the new regulations, many private equity can’t make the investment, only their own hair products, which may lead to decline in August the number of filing of private equity products." Reporters noted that now the stock strategy products rarely, there are several private products issued plans at present, are considered macro hedge, quantitative hedge and other types of products, in addition, in August the number of composite products are high strategy. Private gallon will is not strong at present the issue of equity products downturn, more private believes that short-term market stalemate could not break through, can reduce the position to keep generation attack. According to the private line network data show that in September 2016, new China hedge fund manager A shares confidence index for the 100.85, on相关的主题文章: