Behind the wave of Internet workers are fleeing wegener肉芽肿

Under the wave of the Internet behind the workers who are fleeing from Master Li is a full-time Internet about car driver, he used to, three drops, Uber software, Uber long ago he was eliminated, because he got drunk passengers through Uber highest probability. Master Li home in Hebei, finished junior high school did not read, 10 years old to work in Beijing, first in the market for delivery, then rented a stall selling fruits and vegetables, and then find a daughter-in-law is also selling vegetables, just two days to sell vegetables, too, he said that a month to earn 20 thousand money is very easy. More and more people went to the market to buy vegetables and less, fresh electricity supplier has taken part of the business, takeaway stole part of business, there is market looks senior supermarkets also took part in business, in short, they had a bad day. They have two children, let the old man take back home, to go to school in the home, a few years ago to save money to buy a car, rent, and booth fee assorted together, anyway, is a bit does not go. Surrounded by a friend recommended him to pull the car, using a mobile phone to download a software on it, he heard someone can earn tens of thousands of a month. Although he did not understand what is the mobile Internet, what is called a shared economy, but one day he knows how to take orders can get subsidies, a single week can take a number of subsidies, he almost did not hesitate, the booth for daughter-in-law at a person, then dry up all day and all night about the car the driver. In Beijing, such as the master Li was inhaled in the vortex of the Internet rather baffling to many people, most of them do not understand the underlying work, do not understand the Internet do not understand the financing, by slightly higher wages to attract, came to a colorful look actually Its loopholes appeared one after another. world. Shared economy, no social security? Chen Feng from Henan to work in a factory on the outskirts of Beijing in the past 10 years, after the resignation of her own in the online entry information to find a new job, not long after, she received an offer door-to-door service Internet Co interview invitation, housekeeping staff position is. She was told that the job was paid 25 dollars an hour, and her last job was only $3000 a month. Through interviews and training, Chen Feng downloaded the company App in the mobile phone, she can get near the order at any time, she needs to arrive at the appointed time to provide cleaning services, in her opinion, the freedom to work, is not tired, but also earn more, she is very happy. Of course, this is just the beginning. The first problem she faces is that social security has been interrupted, and the company has told her that employees like her are only part-time employees on the platform, or freelancers. This directly led to her 5 year old daughter can not go to school in Beijing. Although the company claims that no employment relationship, but the management of them is almost harsh: each order must accept, or you will be fined; income directly with the praise of the hook, and the platform will be "mystical" algorithm about her from morning to evening every day, constantly on the run. Conversion rate.相关的主题文章: