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Go to Tangshan for a weekend industrial trip! Sohu [twitter] travel tourism in Tangshan, many people are familiar with the "Tangshan earthquake", the same I also. Tangshan, named for the Tang Taizong Li Shimin expedition Koguryo is the birthplace of Chinese emperor’s lodging when traveling, Peking Opera, is the cradle of modern industry China,…… Also known as the "northern porcelain" known. From Beijing, less than two hours to come to the city, open my two day trip! [Trailer] [1], prepare to card: ID card, bank card, credit cards are good, there are other preferential certificates together with. But also pay more attention to cash. Although the Internet is very developed, but the general situation is not a credit card or WeChat pay. 2, digital mobile phone: (carry, you will never forget the estimated), charging treasure (this must be good, now the battery quickly without electricity, just in case, secretly tell you I usually go out with two or three charging treasure), photographic equipment (love taking pictures of you know). 3, other categories: girls in advance to prepare sunglasses, sun, etc., do a good job of sunscreen! Boys can prepare a visor. 4, equipped with drugs: clearing heat and detoxicating medicine or medicine, AIDS etc.. [traffic] 1, take a plane to Beijing or Shijiazhuang airport, and then choose high-speed rail or bus to. 2, can choose high-speed rail or train to Tangshan. [D1] on the trip: Tangshan China Ceramics Expo Center – Tangshan jade – Tangshan Bo Yu D2:1889 cultural and Creative Industry Park – Kailuan National Mine Park [about] photographic equipment: Apple 6S mobile phone camera: Canon 6D (Dragon 24-70 2.8 lens) [] about my WeChat: micro-blog: 2497077145 @ run small Dongdong a nine to five 90 workers, many websites travel experience division, sleep tester. But never forget the beginning of the heart, has been trying to find the beauty and food around, I hope more people like me, like to share the bit by bit. Tangshan cuisine is a typical Northern dishes, subject to the impact of Shandong dishes and court dishes, taste salty, simple appearance, full weight. There are special dishes of sea cucumber, fish sauce, grilled pork braised skirt pad, honey, sesame candy is the local people pieces Clay oven rolls favorite snacks. [recommended] the accommodation two day trip in Tangshan Wanda InterContinental Hotel, which is located in the core area of Tangshan City Wanda Plaza, adjacent to the Tangshan Earthquake Monument and the picturesque Dazhao park to South Lake Park, natural oxygen bar is also only 15 minutes. The hotel has 22 floors, graceful and elegant architectural style, which belongs to the international hotel. D1: Tangshan Chinese Ceramics Expo Center – Tangshan jade – Tangshan Ceramics Exhibition Center Chinese Bo Yu [Tangshan]!相关的主题文章: