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Beer, the sun, the people of Munich so long – summer tourism in all German Sohu in the city, for me, Munich is one of the most special, because 10 years ago, here is my understanding of the first station in germany. To Munich several times, has not remember, just like this city like an old friend, the classic scene without a strange. Marianne square, Marienplatz Frauenkirche, Neues Rathaus, the New City Hall, Notre Dame, even the visitors are as familiar with the streams of people busily coming and going. Every time after arriving in Munich, are in the hotel, went straight to Marianne square, drink a glass of pure German beer, take a look at this square familiar with the wine sea. The evening, the square will be the number of people who drink beer, many times a hard to find. It is the Munich Beer Festival, the city is filled with joy, of course, the aroma of beer. In the beer garden, people enjoy the best beer in the world. In fact, the beer of the summer is so lively, although did not catch the beer festival, when I came to the same joy. Some restaurants can deposit their own beer cup, each visit has its own exclusive. After more than 10 years, and then the British Garden in Munich, ice river water is still clear, then the children also came to river surfing. The British Garden in Munich city center, here are mostly from Munich, they said here is the way to the lungs, sunbathing. The summer of Munich is a little bit shorter. When the summer comes, people are caught in the rare good weather. On both sides of the bank, has been to the Monopteros Pavilion, everywhere to enjoy the sunshine, looked everywhere to enjoy the sunshine, but I feel very awkward this dressed person. At first, I asked a local person, what is the festival today? People say that as long as the weather is good, every day in the summer of Munich is like this. Flood at the lawn, lazily lying on the carpet like lawn, really let people envy. The young man in the ice river drainage flowing downstream to enjoy the fun, and then landed a drink this summer in Munich is not perfect. There is a Chinese tower in the park. It was built in eighteenth Century. The seat near the Chinese tower is used to drink beer, it is said to be able to accommodate up to more than 7 thousand people while drinking. Rent a bike, ride Munich, very comfortable, is a good choice to fully enjoy every expression of Munich. Some people lead the dog through the palace garden, some people in the art fashion blocks in a daze. Some people in Theatiner Church Praying, people have passed the national museums of Bavaria, some people ride tricycles, people passing the synagogue. Today is Saturday, the river has become a good place for the people of Munich to enjoy nature and sunshine. On the beach of the people much less than the British Garden of the people, it is another kind of fun, like the private world. Take static,.相关的主题文章: