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Liupu tea history: the rise and fall of the ups and the Japanese War of aggression against China to block the development of Sohu and from Nanning eastward, 2.5 hours of High-Speed Rail ride arrived near Guangdong in Wuzhou city. Guangxi Wuzhou butt ancient Silk Road, Xunjiang River, Guijiang, Xijiang Sanjiang intersection, connected with the Hong Kong and Macao water, was once the ancient and modern Southern China region after Guangzhou’s second largest inland port city and commercial center, known as "the Millennium town south of the Five Ridges, Guangdong and Guangxi hundred years time" reputation. This gave birth to the Wuzhou water culture shine with great splendor and commercial civilization, is the world-renowned Liupu tea authentic origin, to Wuzhou, is to deeply appreciate the "red concentrated alcohol Chen Liupu tea". Walk to the bridge not far from the right hand side appeared a street shops, looking ahead is actually endless endless despair, of which almost 90% of the pavement are greatly "tea" a few words, settled down in Wuzhou until the Municipal Agricultural Bureau, Deputy Secretary General of Wuzhou city six Fort tea association chairman Long Zhirong the Master seemed to see through my face, put down the cup, and a group of young experts around on my number up now…… Because of Liupu tea originated in Cangwu County six town named, one of the earliest known as black tea processing, said its history can be traced back 1500 years ago, according to the old town of tea was introduced in six NINETOWNS still retains many hundred years old tea. For hundreds of years, local farmers are their own tea, do tea baskets, filled with gourd hanging in the upper part of the hearth, the smoke was so long, with a strong tea smoked flavor, this tea is called Liupu farm. General Liupu tea is to be shelved a few years after drinking, commonly known as "yesun tea" means grandpa do tea to drink good tea for the grandson, is inherited from generation to generation, there is a "three years of medicine, five years of treasure ten years, Dan said, slightly when the headache and slight fever in folk drink a cup of old fort, immediately open pores, dry sweats," tea "in addition to disease. In the last century in 20s and 30s, which is before the Second World War, the development of Liupu tea reached a peak period of the Ming and Qing dynasties. The Blackstone, reed Gongzhou, (or Luo Di, reeds, etc.) Lichong place is the most concentrated area for producing tea Liupu tea tea tea, and the Indus, Gao Jian and Daning, there was a considerable scale, every family tea tea, tea can be said is all over the mountains and plains. It is unprecedented. Every harvest season, merchants in the Fort Street (the local accent read mouth "Dove" mouth), set up a semicolon (or Zhuang Zi Zhuang), tea, according to the level of prices, directly enjoys a collection of tea. When the tea and tea set mostly in Guangdong merchants, with Wan Sheng, Guangyuan, Guang Sheng Xiang Thailand, Ying Kee, Sheng, Gong Sheng, Yuan Sheng, Sheng and so on, very much. Made by sieving, grading, unified with the basket installed, from the mouth Street pier mount Liupu pointed by boat, Li Bu, Feng Chuan handling to the ship returned to Guangzhou, processing refined, on the basket or made tea cake packing are sold overseas. This was the famous "Tea Road" waterway transportation smooth, low transportation costs, the main sales areas in Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Malaysia and other terrain potential is peaceful, the Liupu tea "相关的主题文章: