The submarine launched missile nuclear standoff with North Korea prospects increasingly pessimistic 步步高i606

The submarine launched missile nuclear standoff with North Korea more pessimistic outlook – Sohu on August 24th, North Korea for the first time the submarine launched ballistic missile tests, following the completion of several rounds of land-based ballistic missile tests and fourth nuclear explosions, in violation of the relevant resolutions of the United Nations away on the road. According to KCNA reported that North Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun personally directed the key emission test, he also claimed that the United States and the Pacific have been in North Korea’s nuclear strike range. North Korea around the Northeast Asia cooperation system persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, to prevent North Korea nuclear proliferation is split, which means that the talks will continue to shut down, to break the deadlock more pessimistic outlook. According to media reports, the North Korean submarine launched by high angle, 500 km range ballistic missile from the cold ignition to ensure that the power of the engine performance is stable, and the effluent after the missile in flight performance of different stages, are consistent with the actual level, is a very successful attempt on technology, that North Korea has made great progress in the missile carrying capacity, mobility, concealment and diversity, strengthen and improve the nuclear strike capability significantly. This shows that North Korea nuclear determination has been very difficult to reverse the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula once again suffered a serious setback. North Korea missile test day, China, Japan and South Korea’s foreign minister held the eighth meeting of the three party in japan. The talks from the disclosure of the situation, the ministers stressed that strengthening the trilateral cooperation, efforts to ensure that the G20 summit to be held smoothly, strengthen trilateral FTA negotiations, to promote negotiations on regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement was completed on schedule, and is committed to terrorism and the Middle East affairs cooperation, to create conditions for the years of a trilateral summit. Talks to disclose the contents of the three foreign ministers consultations, did not involve the stalled situation in the peninsula, nor touched the latest situation of North Korean submarine missile. For a long time, the nuclear talks to completely shut down, the nuclear crisis continued to intensify, the nuclear issue has obvious common focus in Japan and South Korea and the United States and other traditional out party. The point is not that it has been marginalized, but that it has been diluted by more complex and more pressing regional conflicts that have become "secondary concerns."". This change to the nuclear issue in vacuum and attention state objectively to let things drift, further to the North Korea actual nuclear and nuclear weapons miniaturization, combat, long-range carrier and multi transmitting open convenient ways. A reason for the nuclear crisis out of control. North Korea seeks independent nuclear deterrent strategy based on defense, in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions and international nuclear non-proliferation treaty restrictions, determined by making its nuclear force the international community to accept an established fact club membership, trying to lift the strategic threat once and for all, to ensure national security and a stable regime. Since 2009, North Korea withdrew from the six party mechanism ", dialogue and communication platform has existed in name only, relevant international sanctions ineffective exacerbated North Korea’s opposition and rebellion, the Security Council on the Fourth North Korean nuclear test and missile tests and various containment efforts have failed to work, also show that the North Korean nuclear international control system has near collapse. There are no fundamental changes in the core factors that caused the nuclear crisis in North korea. First, the United States government insisted on the default conditions, refused to cooperate with North korea.相关的主题文章: