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William Feng bare 15 years performing mentality: private life – simple to boring Beijing – reporter Huang Ying movie "Hongmenyan" to lead his right arm dislocated brandished a knife, left to right arm to pick up the bone, meishiren to shoot; the movie "golden age" with Tang Wei. The hungry, hungry faint; the film starred in "Wolf Totem" after eight months of shooting, with wolf sizzles and other animal actors forged a profound friendship…… Recently, actor William Feng’s book "the edge" by the Changjiang literature and Art Publishing House launched, this is the first time he penned a record 15 years performing mentality. In the movie Hengdian movie William Feng reporter connection yesterday, he said that please book the story behind. About the book: the narrator works have its own real: generally the main mode to the star of the book is "talking the talk + beautiful portrait", but William Feng wrote "" edge is "capricious", all his filming experiences. Reporter: what is your intention to write "edge"? William Feng: I like to record, there are camera photography, recording text. I may not be a sentimental author, more like a life record, the record of these years of life. Now look back, or a lot of feelings, which have gone through the road, the role of stay, are precious memories. "A lot of" edge are my usual 00 pieces of essays, never thought these words one day will be compiled into a book, this book to meet with you on the occasion of a little nervous. "I" is to edge past works, I hope readers through the works of perspective is how a person, may not tell you so much, I hope you read more in the "edge", like the eyes covered yarn in touch with the perception of a person, a little to feel the people, and this "yarn" is my work, and the work covered, is a real William Feng without reservation. Reporter: you said "edge" engaged in performing the work of more than ten years in doubt yourself, why is this? William Feng: self doubt is a process of progress. I shot the first scene is the cooperation with Wang Ji, the "love code", the process is more like a process of self denial, their performance is not satisfied with their own, very anxious heart. I was an introverted personality, will not communicate with others, not willing to go to the movie, their noses at home, will also doubt whether he is not suitable for this line. Later, some of the older actors gave me a lot of positive energy, no matter what the situation, it is necessary to move forward to see, stay in place will not be any improvement. Later, more opportunities to perform, and gradually adapted to the identity of the actor. Now every time I boot, I will have a period of anxiety, which may not be able to find the role, try to stop. Like a lot of Hollywood actors, they take a long time to prepare for the role, from behavior to form will change, I think this is a good actor. Reporter: in the future there are plans to book? William Feng: at present no further published plans, I think the book is not a casual thing, "" edge before and after preparation for two years, from the collection of material to induce editing.相关的主题文章: