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The FA Cup recommended: Cambridge city was looking to change tactics triumph – Sohu game time: 2016. 11.18          Friday   03:45 0.72    asian handicap:         Dover;     0        Cambridge city     1.04;   2.30    European index:   3.28      2.65 match Preview: Friday morning England FA Cup first round replay continue to be staged, the IPU team Dover situation well, the team has remained steady play double battle. In the FA Cup, they won 1 1 draw with the League of Cambridge City, according to the competition both sides to exchange site replay defeat. Because Dover belongs to the low League league team, their ability to storm may be slightly inadequate, and the team playing rough, so the scene may not be as expected fans. The city of Cambridge at the rival Football League for many years, this season the team performance is not ideal, the only ranked 17 in the premier league. Maybe the club was too distracted, and the Cup race led to a dismal result. The team recently only 4 games to win, to beat the team must pass in the Dover Road eighteen x like Wu Yi. The Asian index is more cautious, the game draws a tie, the home team is in the low water side, although the data structure is slightly tilted dover. But the market outlook, the major data agencies did not make up plate processing, with Europe found 2.30, the disc is more conservative, reflected from one side of the Dover tonight fraught with grim possibilities, Xiaobian prefer to believe that stronger Cambridge city can win. Half the recommendation: Pingfu, outcome, negative score recommended: 0:1, 1:3 SMG let the ball Shengping Fu Dover (-1) recommended: 0 ball, SMG football did not get the ball, recommended: 0 足总杯推荐:改变战术 剑桥城作客望凯旋-搜狐  比赛时间: 2016. 11.18    星期五    03:45   亚洲盘口: 0.72    多佛    0    剑桥城    1.04   欧洲指数: 2.30    3.28    2.65   赛事前瞻:   周五凌晨英格兰足总杯第一圈继续有重赛上演,英议联球队多佛近况不俗,球队肩负双线作战依然保持稳定发挥。在足总杯当中,他们客场1比1战平了英乙球队剑桥城,按照赛例双方要互换场地重赛分胜负。由于多佛属于低组别联赛球队,他们强攻能力或许略显不足,而且球队打法比较粗暴,因此场面未必如球迷预期一样。对手剑桥城混迹英乙联赛多年,本赛季球队表现未如理想,现时仅排名联赛积分榜17位。或许是俱乐部太过于分心杯赛关系,导致联赛成绩雾气沉沉。球队最近4场比赛仅一胜,要想在客场击败多佛过关球队必定要施展十八般武艺。   盘口追击   亚洲指数比较谨慎,本场比赛开出平手盘,主队处于低水一方,数据机构虽然是略微倾斜多佛。但后市方面,各大数据机构都没有做出升盘处理,结合欧指主胜2.30,亚盘显得比较保守,从一个侧面反映今晚多佛凶多吉少,小编宁愿相信实力更强的剑桥城能够赢球过关。   半全场推荐: 平 负, 胜 负, 负 负   比分推荐: 0:1, 1:3   竞彩让球胜平负多佛(-1)球,推荐:0   竞彩足球没有让球,推荐:0相关的主题文章: