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Ding Junhui won four games to regain the sense of winning: the next level to play, Ding Junhui in the game Xinhua News Agency London February 18th sports news (reporter Wang Zijiang) after more than a year of silence, Ding Junhui finally recovered the feeling of winning. 18, in the fourth round of Welsh open in Cardiff, he beat Belgian Nova Bbu Rachel with 4:2, broke into the top 8. This is Ding Junhui’s fourth successive victories. Since March 2015, he has been in the semifinals of the Chinese open, and he hasn’t had a record of four consecutive wins in major events in the past year. Many of his supporters have been thrilled after the match. "The idea on the court today is simple and relaxed, and it’s a common training," Ding Junhui told reporters after the game. He also said that at this stage of the game, he felt good and kept himself in good condition. "I obviously feel that I am playing better and better. Every time I come to Welsh, I can feel the support from the Chinese fans. They give me great strength and I want to win more and return them." After a year of sluggish state, Ding Junhui went through a hard career and entered a higher realm. He will face the Australian star Robertson in the 1/4 finals. Robertson, the "Melbourne machine", has eliminated Fu Jiajun from Hongkong, China, with 4:2. For the next war, Ding Junhui said: "I will still maintain a good state of mind, as long as play their own level can be."." The day of the game, Ding Junhui is a good control of the situation, let the opponent in the second and fourth innings to seize the opportunity to win in the 2:2 after the war, he single shot 87 points, leading to 3:2. The sixth game, Ding Junhui once fell behind at 13:22, at the critical moment he scored 55 points, and finally defeated opponents with 4:2. The 20 year old Bbu Rachel is considered the most promising snooker star, becoming the youngest under 19 European Youth Championship at the age of 14, shortly before the German masters won the runner up, the last round of the competition, he upset victory over former world champion Murphy broke into the top 16, with Ding Junhui playing opportunities. As Yu Delu, another Chinese player, lost the Rockets to 1:4 by O’Sullivan, 14 Chinese players who participated in the competition only Ding Junhui entered the 1/4 finals. 1/4 finals in the other three games against the situation as follows: Selby to O’Sullivan, White to Alan, Perry to Wuhrer Lasdun. If Ding Junhui beat Robertson, he will face the winner between Alan and White.

丁俊晖连赢四场找回赢球感觉:下场发挥水平即可 丁俊晖在比赛中   新华社伦敦2月18日体育专电(记者王子江)在经过一年多的沉寂之后,丁俊晖终于找回了赢球的感觉。18日在加的夫举行的威尔士公开赛第四轮比赛中,他以4:2击败比利时新星布雷切尔,闯入8强。   这是丁俊晖取得的连续第四场胜利,自从2015年3月在中国公开赛上杀入半决赛以来,他已经有近一年没有在大型赛事中有连胜四场的纪录,现场不少支持他的观众赛后都激动不已。   “今天在场上想法很简单,心态比较放松,把这场比赛当做一场普通的训练,”丁俊晖赛后告诉记者。   他还说,比赛进行到这个阶段,自己的手感不错,状态保持得非常好。“我明显感到自己打得越来越好,每次来威尔士比赛,都能感觉到中国球迷对我的支持,是他们给了我巨大的力量,我也想取得更多的胜利回报他们。”   经历了一年的状态低迷后,丁俊晖经过艰苦的磨砺,职业生涯进入了一个更高的境界。他将在四分之一决赛中面对澳大利亚名将罗伯逊,有“墨尔本机器”之称的罗伯逊以4:2淘汰了中国香港选手傅家俊。   对于下一场大战,丁俊晖说:“我仍旧会保持好的心态,只要发挥出自己的水平就可以。”   当天的比赛中,丁俊晖很好地控制了局面,只在第二局和第四局让对手抓住机会获胜,在战成2:2后,他单杆轰出87分,以3:2领先。第六局,丁俊晖一度以13:22落后,关键时刻他连得55分,最终以4:2击败对手。   年仅20岁的布雷切尔被认为是当今斯诺克界最有潜力的新星,14岁时成为最年轻的19岁以下欧洲青年锦标赛冠军,前不久勇夺德国大师赛亚军,上一轮比赛中,他爆冷击败前世界冠军墨菲闯入16强,获得与丁俊晖对垒的机会。   由于另外一名中国选手于德陆以1:4输给“火箭”奥沙利文,参加本次比赛的14名中国选手只有丁俊晖一人进入四分之一决赛。   四分之一决赛其他三场比赛的对阵形势如下:塞尔比对奥沙利文、怀特对艾伦、佩里对伍尔拉斯顿。丁俊晖如果击败罗伯逊,将迎战艾伦与怀特之间的胜者。相关的主题文章: