The man picked up a driver’s license for their photos by road investigation was arrested 10 days-月丘うさぎ

The man picked up a driver’s license for their photos by road investigation was arrested 10 days to pick up the driving license of Yubei District citizens Yu Mou on the roadside picked up a driver’s license, you have a C1 driver’s license but he wants in the whimsical, traffic violation penalties, use this to pick up the driver’s license, so be wise will pick up the driver’s license photos into their own photos. However, this more than a little smart is Traffic and patrol police found, was recorded 12 points, and impose administrative detention for 10 days punishment. In October 25th, the Yubei branch of Traffic and Patrol Police Detachment patrol police brigade in Yubei District orchid Ssangyong Avenue, found a black car stop, suspicious appearance and movements. The police stopped the vehicle, asked the driver to produce a driver’s license, driving license. The driver to produce a driver’s license and driving license, the police found two certificate does not match the name, asked the driver of the vehicle. The driver immediately said, the vehicle is borrowed from a friend, is their driver’s license, and take the initiative to the police say the driver’s license on the identity card number, name, that he is the owner of the driver’s license. However, careful police found the driver’s license has been digging photos and subsidize traces, the replaced photos may exist. The police checked in the computer system in comparison, the driver won’t say his driving license is really no problem, and again skillfully reported again on the driver’s license ID number and name to prove. By comparison, the police found the problem. From the computer system, the registration of the name of the driver to produce a driver’s license on the face is a fat man, and he himself has thin face, obviously is two people. In fact, the man cannot continue to quibble, but to tell the truth. Originally, the man called Mou, the first half of this year to pick up a driver’s license on the side of the road, but he did not take the driver’s license to the public security department, is playing the evil idea driving license. He believes that as long as the photo on the card into his own, will not be seen. Later, his illegal, will use this license to handle, to escape the penalty score. In order to prevent the police inquiry, Yu Mou also put on the driver’s license information back to do it since that can recite fluently from memory, ventured on a seamless heavenly robe, holding someone else’s driver’s license to drive on the road. However, he did not expect was that the police carefully to find the driver’s license, but also through the query, the spot will be seen through his actions. According to "people’s Republic of China a total of ninety-sixth road traffic safety law" the provisions of the first paragraph, the police vehicle forgery, on more than one use of altered driving license violations, fined 5000 yuan, recorded 12 points, 10 days of administrative detention, and confiscated their altered motor vehicle driving license penalty. Punishment for such a result, Yu shouted regret that will be good, obey the traffic rules in the future, do not play with such "smart". Upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter Qian Ye

男子捡个驾照换自己照片来用 上路遭查拘10天 捡的驾驶证   渝北区市民余某在路边捡了一个驾驶证,自己本来就有C1驾照的他却异想天开,想在交通违法处罚时,使用这个捡来的驾照,于是自作聪明将捡来的驾驶证照片换成自己的照片。然而,余某这个“小聪明”被交巡警识破,被记12分,并处行政拘留10日的处罚。   10月25日,渝北分局交巡警支队双龙大队民警在渝北区兰馨大道巡逻时,发现一辆黑色轿车走走停停,形迹可疑。民警拦下了这辆机动车,要求驾驶员出示驾驶证、行驶证。   驾驶员出示驾驶证和行驶证后,民警检查发现两证的姓名不符,便询问驾驶员车辆的情况。驾驶员当即表示,车辆是借朋友的,驾驶证是自己,并主动向民警说出了驾驶证上的身份证号、姓名等,证明自己就是驾驶证的主人。   然而,细心的民警却发现,该驾驶证照片有被抠挖、补贴的痕迹,存在照片被更换的可能。民警在电脑系统里核查比对时,驾驶员急慌慌地表示,自己驾驶证真的没有问题,并再次熟练地报了一遍驾驶证上的身份证号和名字来证明。通过比对,民警果然发现问题。从电脑系统中显示,这名驾驶员所出示的驾驶证上登记的是一名脸型较胖的男子,而他本人却脸型瘦削,明显就是两个人。   在事实面前,男子无法继续狡辩,只得说出实情。原来,这名男子叫余某,今年上半年在路边捡到一本驾驶证,但他没有把这本驾驶证上交给公安部门,却打起这本驾驶证的歪主意。他认为,只要把证件上的照片换成自己的,是不会被看出来的。以后,自己违法违规,就用这个驾照去处理,就能逃避记分、罚款。为了防止被民警询问,余某还把驾驶证上的信息背得滚瓜烂熟,自以为做得天衣无缝,大着胆子就拿着别人的驾驶证开车上路了。   然而,让他没有料到的是,民警细心地发现驾照的问题,还经过查询比对,当场将他的行为识破。   根据《中华人民共和共道路交通安全法》第九十六条第一款的规定,民警将对余某使用伪造、变造的机动车驾驶证的违法行为,处以罚款5000元、记12分、行政拘留10日,并收缴其变造的机动车驾驶证的处罚。对于这样的处罚结果,余某大呼后悔,表示今后一定会好好遵守交通规则,再也不耍这样的“小聪明”了。   上游新闻-重庆晨报记者 钱也相关的主题文章: