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Sports-and-Recreation Key West has many great hotels that can fit your preferences and budget. Try to have a holiday in Americas Southernmost Tropical Island and feel the relaxing atmosphere that it offers. Key West is known to be the county seat of Monroe County. This is the southernmost county of continental United States with a tropical climate. Thus, its popularly called the Americas Southernmost Tropical Island. Key West serves as the seaport destination for passenger cruise ships. There are many hotels and guest houses available, all famous for their relaxing lodging experience. Some of the best choices you can have while you are in Key West are: Best Western Key Ambassador Resort Inn Sunrise Suites resort Sheraton Suites Ocean Key Resort Pier House Resort Hyatt Key West Travelodge & Suites Above-mentioned hotels and resorts are considered the best among the others. They offer great deals suitable to budgeted vacationers. We tackle them separately below to know why they are considered among the best. Best Western Key Ambassador Resort Inn is located in Roosevelt Boulevard, Key West, Florida. This is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Gulf of Mexico. The exhilarating blue skies .bined with blue waters are a sight to behold. They also have lush green tropics and great sunset which has a color of vivid red and purples. They provide great outdoor activities like fishing, snorkeling, diving and parasailing. They also have a museum that contains Americas finest relics and Americas true treasures. Sunrise Suites Resort is located at the Seaside Drive, Key West. This is considered an island paradise which provides the luxury and convenience of your own homes. Sunrise Suites Resort is pet-friendly Sheraton Suites is located in South Roosevelt Boulevard, Key West. They offer Caribbean tropical furnishing, and modern amenities. They have spacious suites with private quarters and balconies. They also have outdoor activities for energetic individuals like fishing, snorkeling, windsurfing, biking and kayaking. Smoking is discouraged in the vicinity. Ocean Key Resort is located between Key West Harbor and Mallory Square. It is an oceanfront hotel where you can experience great view of the ocean and the beach everywhere in any of the rooms. One of their best amenities is their waterfront dining restaurants. Pier House Resort is Premier Resort of Key West. This is a secluded paradise that invites you to feel their free-spirited place. They provide ultimate pampering experience that you need. Pier House Resort is promising to charm you with the pleasure that they have. Hyatt Key West is located in Front Street Key West. It is a resort located at the Gulf of Mexico. The place exudes a peaceful atmosphere. Enjoy shopping around the area with the whole family. Treat yourself to a relaxing spa in the hotel after a long day. Travelodge and Suites is the Premier Bayside Resort. This is located along the breathtaking Florida Bay. They have a tour of the Old Town and artists studio. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: