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Home-Improvement Bobby Hughes is the marketing coordinator at Hughes Relocation Services, Inc., an Ocala, Florida .pany that prides itself on having the best residential and office movers in town, and according to him, its a good idea to figure out what youll need for your new house before you move so that you can avoid paying to transport stuff that youre not likely to keep. If youve just grown tired of that cramped city lifestyle and decided to give up your apartment in favor of a larger house, then youre going to need some more stuff to fill your soon-to-be larger space. Usually, its wise to start picking out your new furniture before your move so that you can plan to have it delivered as youre settling in. This way, you wont have to spend too much time unpacking and rearranging things to ac.modate your new pieces. Decide How Much More Stuff for Your New House Figuring out what to bring to your new home and what to leave behind can be a challenge. Youre going to need to decide how much more stuff youll need for your new house, which depends heavily on its actual size and layout as .pared to that of your current apartment. If your apartment contains a small eat-in kitchen, while your new home has a larger one plus separate dining room, then youll certainly want to purchase a dining room table. However, you may also wish to trade in your current kitchen table for one that has more seating room. In this case, theres no sense in paying for your movers to transport your unwanted table to your new abode which is why its a good idea to make these types of decisions before your moving date arrives. The same concept applies to other areas of your soon-to-be home, such as the bedrooms. If your bedroom within your apartment can only fit a full-sized bed and youre looking to upgrade to a queen, then you may want to consider getting rid of your current bed before you move (unless you think you can use it in one of your spare bedrooms). Furthermore, you may decide to forgo your smaller dresser and instead purchase a new bedroom set that offers much more storage space for your clothing. If this is the case, then you can actually save money by donating or selling your current dresser before your official move .mences. Budget How Much You Can Afford to Spend When it .es to moving to a much larger space, youll also need to decide what your priorities are, and how much you can afford to spend. If youre an avid cook, then you may choose to focus some of your budget on expanding your kitchen gadget collection something you probably shied away from in your apartment, since your kitchen was the size of a glorified closet. While the process of filling your house with all sorts of furniture, decorations, and belongings can certainly be a lot of fun, your savings account may wind up taking a beating unless youre careful. Therefore, I suggest making a list of all the things youll want and need for your new abode, and then arranging them in order of priority. Sure, a new set of end tables for your larger living room is bound to look nice (especially if your old living room consisted of only a television, snack table, and tiny couch), but whats more important a couple of stylish accent pieces, or an eight-person table for your brand new dining room? Chances are, the latter will make your life more .fortable from the get-go, whereas the end tables can wait if need be. Avoid Overstuffing Your New House Finally, keep in mind that the key is to enjoy your added space without going overboard when filling up your new house. It may be tempting to stock your kitchen with extra dishware and all of the latest gadgets, and you may find yourself drawn to that luxurious king-sized bed for your brand new master suite. However, before you start charging your dream home away, make sure that the items youre about to purchase will actually fit well in your new home. The last thing youll want to do is overstuff your kitchen or buy the wrong type of furniture that will only serve to make your generous amount of space suddenly feel overcrowded and tight. Moving from an apartment to a larger house can be an exciting step towards creating the living environment youve always wanted. By planning properly and choosing wisely, you can make the process of moving and settling in as smooth as can be. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: