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Fashion-Style This shimmering dark green saree is ethnic in all aspects. Be it the winning colour combination of green and red or the exquisite combination of floral sequin, resham and zari works, the saree makes a woman stand apart. The border comprises of a multi layer patch that has complicated bead, sequin and zardosi works that keep the beholder in awe. The saree is accompanied by a semi stitched maroon blouse. While the lower border is multi-layered, the top has a single thin strip of border. The outer most layer of border has drop shaped motifs arranged closely. These motifs are moderately large in size. The next layer towards the inside is plain zari strip that is slightly slim in thickness than the drop motif border. The next layer has red zig zag lines forming diamonds in a zari strip that is almost equal to the previous zari strip. The next layer is straight red lines placed parallel to each other and perpendicular to the border. This is followed by slanting green stripes on zari patch and finally and elaborate heart shaped ornamental design that is large and placed closely throughout the border. With this the border gala stops. If imagining each of this innovative zari patterns is difficult how do you feel when all of them harmonize with each other and the body of the saree? Stunned? Stunned! The patterns have traditional traces but are totally innovative. The green body of the saree has moderately dense ornamental x shaped design. The saree is a great choice for wedding wear. It is a perfect choice if you actually intend to steal the show casually. Apart from the X shaped pattern few dotted patches are also placed impeccably throughout the saree casually. Plain green clutch and green elaborate ornaments would complete the look of the saree. Every woman wishes that her outfit is the most admired at any party and to get that kind of attention the central emphasis should be on the color, style and the fabric of her outfit. Cbazaar has the largest collection of party wear outfits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: