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UnCategorized When you meet someone new and you’re .pletely enamored by them; the possibility of "is he married" or not is not something that immediately .es to mind. Actually, you don’t expect for someone who is married to pursue you, so it is not an issue. However, it doesn’t be.e an issue until you start noticing that things are not normal. Then again, you may learn the truth when you have an angry wife with a bounty on your head. Although you do not have the intention of a home wrecker, it can happen. Actually, don’t call yourself that. You don’t want to call yourself that because you can’t be a home wrecker if you have no idea about what it is he is doing. So here are some things that you can do to make sure you don’t be.e an "involuntary" home wrecker: * Run a background check if you can. There are easy ways in which you can go on the Internet and do a background check. This is something that can save you a lot of tears and embarrassment. It may also save you from the next target of an angry wife. * Talk about your friends so that he talks about his. Find out if you know mutual people. If you do, simply ask them about him. You don’t have to ask, "Are they married?" The reason is because someone will automatically volunteer that information if they have it. * You can tell if he’s married based on inconsistencies in his stories. Pay attention to phone calls he gets. If he acts strange when he gets that phone call, then that is a clue that this guy is tied up elsewhere in his life. * See if he is trying to avoid people. If he is, then that is another clue because he doesn’t want someone who knows his wife to see him talking to someone else. That could mean serious trouble on the home front. There are ways for you to avoid this. Instead of asking someone else, "is he married?" You can actually ask him up front. Just say something like, "So, what does your wife think about you being out and about like this so late at night?" You can then read his body language and see how he reacts to that. This is a great stunt to pull when you meet him so that you don’t find yourself being followed by a private investigator or the wife herself. It is just a painful sight when you see an innocent woman fall victim to the married man’s stunt. She dates him, falls in love with him, and then finds out that he’s married in the worst way. Not only is her heart broken, but people look down on her. It is difficult for her to know if he is married if he hides it really well. However, her reputation still gets ruined. Whatever you do, don’t let that happen to you. About the Author: It’s never a pleasant situation to be in but if you doubt the truth of the person you are seeing, you need to take action. None of us want to be proved right; we just want some honesty in our relationships. Luckily there are ways and means to find the truth for ourselves, so if you’re wondering how to find out if someone is married; keep reading because I have the answers here – Is He Married Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: