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70% of children accidentally injured in…… Maternal child – Sohu because of the lack of life experience and sense of danger, discrimination and predictability are worse than adults, the risk of slow response, lack of knowledge and ability to escape, this is also an important factor causing unintentional injury of children. And 70% of children with accidental injuries occur at home, what? How to avoid it? To understand ~ Author: Jia Dacheng Beijing emergency center doctor children often lack the experience of life and the sense of danger, discrimination and predictability are worse than adults, the risk of slow response, lack of knowledge and ability to escape, the important reason which is caused by accidental injury of children. For example, crossing the road, whether the car drove up the adults know will hit yourself, whether it should be a brisk walk or stopped to let the car go, but the child can not do this, they do not know what when crossing the road is safe, so the probability of children was hit by a car is much higher than a person. 70% accident occurred at home a few years ago, I have seen a statistical report, saying that every year, about 2400000 children under the age of 14 died of accidental injury. What does this mean? Means that hundreds of thousands of families have to endure a great deal of grief every year, and it is possible that generations of people will fall into the endless grief! In my first career, I had to rescue many critically ill patients, but I am most distressed, than to see the children suffer accident harm, even death, such as a two or three year old child was accidentally peanuts, melon seeds, jelly and other foreign bodies stuck and asphyxia; due to parental negligence, the child was scalded and burned or, fell down the stairs; the summer vacation to go out and play, child drowning, drowning?? these injuries are likely to lead to irreparable tragedy. Data show that 70% of children’s accidental injuries occurred at home. Foreign body suffocation, burns, drowning, etc. is an important cause of child injury and death. The 2 reason why children have an accident is worth pondering: Why are living conditions getting better and better, and more and more threats to the safety of children? As guardian, the guardian of the child’s protection of why so weak? I think: on the one hand, many parents lack of guardianship. Now the young parents are "80", "90", even the most are only children, even if the parents may even take care of themselves are not good, plus the first time parents, but there is no experience to take care of the children; and if the home for the elderly to take children, though they experience a slightly rich, but because of the old concept of nursing, coupled with the slow response, may also inadvertently let the children be hurt. More important is on the other hand, in the face of the accident, many parents will not aid or only by experience, feel the child rescue, often miss the best treatment time, or even increase the child’s injuries, it was too late to regret. I remember once a mother had just finished filling the thermos bottle boiling water, smoothly put the thermos on the chest of drawers, chest of drawers thought so high, the child just turned 1 years old, absolutely can’t reach. Did not expect to just leave a few steps away, q相关的主题文章: