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9, fifteen years later, the United States is safe – International – People’s network, "9, 11" event on the occasion of the 15 anniversary of the United States have held activities to mourn the victims, reflecting on the United States in the past two years, the war against terrorism and lost in the past 15 years. The latest opinion polls show that more than 9 of Americans believe that the United States? 11 "before becoming more unsafe, and the" base "organization previously released video threatened terrorist attacks will be repeated in the United States, is the anniversary of cast a shadow. The country held a grand Memorial 9 U. S. President Barack Obama announced in September 9th this year to 11 days for the National Memorial Day, called on the people to prayer, silence, bells, candlelight vigil, visit the Memorial Hall Memorial form "9? 11" incident victims. In Washington, members of Congress, 9, held a brief ceremony outside the house of Representatives, mourning the victims of the incident of "9, 11". U.S. Department of defense held a memorial event in The Pentagon. The 11 day, Obama went to The Pentagon "9? 11" memorial wreath honoring victims, and summarizes the current anti-terrorism progress. In the event of New York, New York city police in Manhattan on 9 March, and held a ceremony in the police killed the monument, memorial in 9? Police killed 11 "incident, this is also the New York City Police Department since 9? For the first time since the 11" event held demonstrations. In the world trade center, on behalf of the world trade center, Twin Towers, a huge beam of light in the evening of 10 and also to illuminate the sky on the 11. The 11 day in New York, "9? 11" memorial square, was once a year "naming" mourning — silence and read out the names of nearly three thousand victims also held. Democratic presidential candidate Hilary attended the ceremony. She and Republican presidential candidate Trump had said the campaign on this day suspended his campaign. After the memorial ceremony, "9? 11" memorial square will be open until midnight for people to pay homage. The number of events due to impaired health rise in people cherish the memory of the dead, overcome pain on the occasion, the "base" organization in 8 by the video threat to the United States, "9? 11" incident blamed the United States "against our sins", and said "9? 11" event will be "thousands" to repeat no doubt, as the anniversary covered a layer of light shadow. According to the Pugh Research Center recently released a poll showed that 40% of Americans believe that, compared with the previous year, the terrorists have a stronger ability to attack the United States, the proportion of the highest level in the past 15 years, the poll of a new high of 15. The survey also found that voters have a clear partisan tendencies: 58% of Republican voters believe that terrorists become more powerful, while the view of Democratic voters accounted for only about 31%. According to the statistical data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and prevention, until the end of June this year, there have been more than 5400 and 9? 11 of the victims "was diagnosed with cancer. In addition, there are about 12 thousand people suffering from mental illness, about 32 thousand people suffer from other respiratory diseases and digestive complications. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and prevention, in addition to the incident directly killed about 3000 people, "9? 11" also caused by up to 7相关的主题文章: