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A network of Chengdu about the passengers to get off the car door causing serious injury to 5 party was sentenced to bear responsibility in the new network – Sichuan news network Chengdu on September 13th news (reporter Liu Peipei) Zhang issued about car orders in the network about the car platform, Liu after receiving orders, driving a vehicle carrying Zhang (the owner of the vehicle is anchored in the lease, a Chen company). After arriving at the destination, Liu did not close to the right side of the road to stop the car, Zhang opened the door when the right, with the same to the open, driving a button car battery collided, resulting in a serious injury button. Identified by the traffic police department, Liu assume the main responsibility for the accident, Zhang bear secondary responsibility. Wuhou District Chengdu people’s Court of a button the driver Liu, Zhang, Chen, the car owners about the car rental companies, network company and insurance company sued. Today, Wuhou court open verdict. The court found that after the fact, a button injury is to pay attention to the obligation caused by the driver opened the door while Liu is not close to the roadside parking and passengers zhang. According to the responsibility identified, Liu should bear 80% of the responsibility, Zhang should bear the responsibility of 20%. However, due to the result of the injury was caused by Liu Mou, Zhang joint tort caused, so the two people should be jointly and severally liable for the injury. Owners Chen and leasing company signed an agreement, the vehicle affiliation and operators in the company name, but failed to fulfill the obligations of management, and shall be jointly liable for the driver liu. The leasing company is affiliated person, shall be jointly and severally liable. Network about car platform and leasing company is a cooperative relationship, in tort belongs to the community, should bear joint and several liability. Therefore, Wuhou court Liu, Chen, Zhang and a button to bear the responsibility for compensation, and a network of car rental company platform jointly and severally liable for the debt, the insurance company shall bear the liability within the scope of the risk. The judge reminded that, for traffic participants, regardless of the use of any means of transport, regardless of location, should comply with traffic rules, pay attention to their personal safety and others. As a driver, should have a sense of safety, strict compliance with traffic rules, close to the roadside parking, and remind the passengers in the car door to pay attention to the roadside pedestrians. As a bus driver, must be careful to open the door before the rear of pedestrians to avoid accidents.相关的主题文章: