A number of heavy policy measures baked fourth quarter to the production capacity of the batt haywire

A number of heavy policy measures baked   fourth quarter to start fighting capacity – Finance – people into the four quarter, to enter the critical period of production capacity. From central to local, heavy policies continue to overweight. Plan, the SASAC to develop zombie companies disposal scheme and debt policy measures is expected to be promulgated to implement the joint development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of the disposal of zombie companies, local governments and enterprises to implement a clear plan to resolve the overcapacity. At the same time, with a number of central enterprises, such as Wuhan Iron and steel enterprises to clear the production target, the central enterprises to speed up mergers and acquisitions and capacity. The industry believes that, in accordance with the NDRC’s plan, in October, in November will welcome the peak of production capacity, but with coal, steel volume and price rise, to the production capacity of the task will be more arduous. A number of central enterprises to target wheel drive supply side reform and the reform of state-owned enterprises under the central enterprises capacity to enter the landing stage". Wuhan Iron and Steel Group, responsible person said, the future of Wuhan Iron and Steel Group in the elimination of backward production capacity has been completed on the basis of the initiative to withdraw from the iron production capacity of 3 million 190 thousand tons, steel production capacity of 4 million 420 thousand tons. At the same time, to speed up the "thin and healthy, vigorously promote the flat management, disposal of zombie companies, and resolutely stop bleeding". Sinosteel relevant responsible person said, to accelerate the domestic ferroalloy industry and carbon industry orderly exit, compressed low-end products scale; production control losses and reduced losses, ensure the enterprise operation stability, and orderly disposal of zombie companies. The group is put forward, and resolutely implement the national coal industry to production policy, shutting down inefficient mines, realize the exit strategy as soon as possible, will use three years to complete the reorganization and integration of 39 exit zombie companies, to ensure that the amount of loss is less than 50%. China Southern Power Grid said that in the grid side to the production capacity, the core is to resolutely control from the source, reduce ineffective and inefficient investment. In the consumer side to the production capacity, the key is to give full play to the role of electricity and market guidance, promote the elimination of backward production capacity. Strict implementation of high energy consumption differences, punitive tariff policy, and resolutely resist the illegal price concessions. Strict implementation of the State Council on iron and steel, coal and other production capacity of the power plant to exit the immediate measures. Actively receiving the state owned heavy enterprise "three for one" power supply infrastructure. Huaneng Group said that by the end of 2018, out of the coal production capacity of 9 million 140 thousand tons, the disposal of zombie companies 16, poor 4 enterprises. "13th Five-Year" during the decommissioning of 6 million 470 thousand kilowatts coal-fired generating units shut down. Huadian Group, from the source, comprehensive review of the project, and resolutely abandon projects that do not meet the national industrial development direction, expected earnings uncertainty, competitiveness is not strong, the slow slow, the stop stop. To grasp the loss of business program, clean up zombie enterprises, eliminate backward production capacity, strict control of liabilities, guard against operational risks, to ensure sustained and healthy development of enterprises. To produce a combination of boxing since August, the central and local efforts to significantly increase production capacity. The NDRC and the Ministry of industry jointly formulated the disposal of "zombie" companies to the overall plan, the SASAC to develop enterprise solutions as well as Zombie debt is expected in the four quarter of succession)相关的主题文章: