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A one-year low medical insurance into Wanghong expert: with the traditional critical illness insurance fund does not replace Sina exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Recently, Zhong An insurance Internet insurance company launched a product "e exclusive", because of the characteristics of low premium high security, high concern, became the "red net insurance". The industry believes that similar products with the traditional critical illness insurance does not exist completely replace consumer relationship, it is best not to "red net risks" when a long-term guarantee of view, should be seen as auxiliary critical illness insurance. Low premium medical insurance into "Red Net" according to "enjoy e" product terms, the minimum premium only 112 yuan, 1 million yuan to 2 million yuan insurance coverage. The customer after the insured for common diseases of non malignant tumor, after deducting the deductible 10 thousand yuan, the highest amount reached 1 million yuan; if the customer is suffering from malignant tumor, more than 10 thousand yuan in some of the highest paid 2 million yuan. In addition, "enjoy security e" to the insured does not limit the disease, not limited to social security, life insurance is to say no matter what disease, in the hospital as long as the produced 10 thousand yuan medical expenses to 100% of the payment, regardless of whether the insured for imported drugs, drug expense, is in the immune the treatment or the use of titanium alloy plate, or is in need of care and a better diet and special outpatient service, are reimbursed, and the age range is relatively wide, insured age began 3 days until 60 years of age from birth. Truthfully inform, without examination, once informed, life is no longer underwriting. 31 years old to the age of 35 the main insurance crowd, there are social security premiums of the insured person needs $349. While the market is similar to the amount of critical illness insurance premiums, basically is a few thousand dollars or even million. From the single rate aspect, Xiaoshan push the sale of this product has certain advantages. Zhong An insurance product manager, "two insurance amount is divided into two small blocks of responsibility, is a hospital medical insurance, is a special outpatient medical insurance, medical insurance is very simple, the client hospital provides inpatient costs associated with our invoice, payment of hospital invoices above. If the client is a special clinic for treatment, including what outpatient treatment of radiotherapy, chemotherapy, which we lose is the outpatient invoice." Lack of data support for critical illness uncertainty often requires large amounts of money for treatment, will give the family economic situation seriously, so it has become the most in need of protection part. The Chinese people for critical illness protection is the main way of social insurance and commercial insurance; in addition, with the rise of the middle class, the demand for medical services is more and more high level. Medical insurance is undoubtedly more and more attention. In recent years, the market has emerged a number of similar medical insurance, its sales channels are basically online. For example, Ping An insurance "safety e health insurance" also belongs to the recent hot selling products, the general medical insurance and medical insurance of malignant tumors of up to 1 million yuan, and the additional responsibility also includes outpatient costs 7 days before and after hospitalization, the deductible is on相关的主题文章: