A Pinxue glue, bloom and Fangcheng Sohu 97179

A Pinxue glue, a flower – and she Fangcheng Sohu, like a gust of wind. From the top of the snow mountain, disappear in the forest vegetation. She, like a snow. Myth of the mountains, creating the world of ice and snow. She is a flower. The snow lotus leaf, white. The snow is snow like glue, elf gift. From the snow gum picking in the mountains of Himalaya, to the snow gel in the waters of the Pearl of Hongkong popular heyday, and then to the effectiveness of snow gum health published in the world, can not be separated from a party almost persistent efforts. People will know that beauty, polysaccharides and collagen is the beauty of the secret. As the introduction of health products, which is one of the important factors affecting the effect of their products. Whitening, liver, enhance immunity, resistance to anti-cancer, are important functions of polysaccharide and collagen. And the snow gum in this data content, even longer than the famous bird’s nest is more abundant. Energy-saving, no one is known to litchi. The emperor loved, for Yang, also revealed the beauty of tonic yearning. Just do not know, if know Yang snow gum magic tonic effect, the beauty of human emperor will make a move? The winter king, peerless beauty. Snow is a symbol of beauty, ancient sacred. A beauty in the north, unique and independent. Gu Qingren City, again Gu Qingren country. This a few words with Li Yannian’s description, write the beauty of beauty, beauty write qingchengqingguo appearance, it is revealed that the snow gum not easily won. A Pinxue glue, bloom fangcheng. A product is to the beauty of the world, and silently, silently insist, silent on ascetic. Will the snow of the holy snow gum, brought to the world, a beautiful person.相关的主题文章: