Affected by the door of the public, the impact of tax revenue in many cities in Germany verbal jint

The popular "discharge gate" effect of the German multi city tax decline Tencent Automobile News Beijing on August 31st news, according to the DW website, in the public suffered a heavy blow from the door "incident, the Volkswagen Group headquarters in Wolfsburg have also been affected. In fact, with the reduction of public tax to the local government, the latter had to re adjust the budget. For many German local government, if it has mass manufacturing factory located in the wish for the good. However, as the public profit narrowed, local government revenue is also affected. Once the public factory will be welcomed by the local people, because it means that people can enjoy tax breaks, in addition to all aspects of life can enjoy high subsidies. Now, however, everything has changed, and the public is no longer the powerful money machine in the past. Last year, the public full year net loss of up to 1 billion 600 million euros (about $1 billion 800 million), which is the group’s first annual loss since 1993. On the other hand, the public has arranged about 16 billion 400 million euros of funds to deal with emissions related expenses. A survey showed that the local government, which had been heavily dependent on the public sector in taxes, now has to raise taxes to cover the budget gap. The loss of revenue has been reported by the media, Volkswagen Group headquarters in Wolfsburg, the city’s net business tax revenue plummeted 80%, a record high. With the Volkswagen Group in the city in 2014 revenue reached 253 million euros, it is worth mentioning is that people are cheating software sales are installed in the vehicle, "after discharge gate" incident exposure, this figure fell to 52 million euros. Although the Wolfsburg tax authorities did not specify the public themselves in financial difficulties in the extent to which the direct cause of the reduced local tax revenue, but they also acknowledge that the public is the local economic development. Wolfsburg’s tax revenues have led to a rise in child care costs, property taxes and parking fees, and even the cost of raising a dog locally. The local government had announced that the local family’s first "dog dog raising tax will rise 20%, and have second dogs and more family, every dog" dog tax "will rise 24%. Three city in Germany, Aus Knapp Luc salvadores and Ingolstadt has also implemented a tightening of fiscal policy. Ingolstadt is headquarters of Audi, Aus Knapp Luc is the Tiguan (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) SUV factory is salvadores Volkswagen MAN brand two heavy-duty truck production. People can not afford to die by Porsche R & D center is located in the south of Germany Baden – Fu Teng Fort Weiss, he bluntly, the tax authorities in the city: "because the public to pay business taxes generated revenue has completely lost". Data show that in 2014 the public to contribute 70 million euros of tax for Weiss RACH city authorities, by 2015 this figure has dropped to 38 million 800 thousand euros, is expected in the future income will be further reduced. Some media reports said that the Weiss Zach administration is expected to only be obtained from the public this year.相关的主题文章: