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In response to "drops after monopoly price increases due to the high cost of –IT– owners: original title:" the monopoly price drops to share the cost by the acquisition of excellent Chinese owners step, about the alleged monopoly of the sound can be heard without end. Yesterday, for the alleged price by market monopoly, drops in response to reporters said, every ride in the part of the city price really was raised, but this is to realize the reasonable allocation of costs, encourage users to share travel. The ride drops two times the price drops on the line ride business in June last year. Ride carpool has properties, the price naturally lower than the express and the car business. In Beijing city in a bus as an example, just on the line when the ride started to cost 10 yuan, 1 yuan per kilometer, the end of last year, adjusted the price drops, the start is still 10 yuan (including 3 km), but rose to 1.3 yuan per kilometer. Yesterday, reporter learned from drops, since last week, the Beijing area of the ride starting price from 10 yuan (including 3 km) raised to 12 yuan (including 3 kilometers per kilometer), priced from 1.3 yuan to 1.5 yuan. Ride the owner Ms. Chen told reporters, "from the perspective of drivers would fare higher, but was worried about whether the user will choose another way to travel due to price increases." Mr. Ren lived near Chaoyang Park to Tongzhou Beiyuan often about the ride to work, he said: "if the fare rise and ride express similar words, is not what competitive advantage". At present, no user data before and after the ride drops and given the price adjustment change, the specific effects of how to be the test of time. The express car subsidies gradually little reporter noted that in July of this year, on the eve of the drops with excellent step Chinese cooperation, express the price drops in Beijing, from the previous 1.5 yuan +0.35 million kilometers minute price to 1.8 yuan +0.5 yuan minutes kilometers. Excellent step in recent charges in Beijing did not improve, but according to Guangzhou media reports, the local people excellent step price has been raised to a level with drops. "The recent drops almost not high denomination coupon, the coupon before is 50 percent off or 40 percent off is worth nearly 10 yuan fare, is now 2% off or 5% off tickets, only a few cents discount." Passenger Lee said. In addition, yesterday, the relevant person in charge of Beijing excellent step told reporters that the next step or the introduction of a new operational plan next week, which is also an important step to adjust the pace of the excellent combination of China and the next step will be made. The price for owners of high cost data show that drops with excellent step Chinese after the merger, the car will occupy the market share of 93.1%, Didi in fact has occupied the network about car market dominant position. The idea that, after the merger of the merits and the merits of China, no smoke from the four price war, integrated into a unified price model, the user will not have the right to freedom of choice. The adjustment of the price drops ride was questioned, is the use of monopoly price drops. In this regard, drops responded that the price is mainly on account of the ride orders process, the owners have more)相关的主题文章: