All night queuing cattle numbers of children age two astronomical archives to be cracked

All night queuing " price; cattle number " two children age " " archives; file queue to be cracked. Data figure recently, a Beijing hospital hall, the families of three consecutive days and nights, a small bench swing cot queuing documentation photos online heat transfer. Affected by the "comprehensive two children" policy, Beijing ushered in the "growth spurt, large hospital maternity filing difficult, some of the traffickers took the opportunity to price filing agency, which is the high vacancy rate of primary hospital bed. "What is the cause of archives"? How to crack? Xinhua news agency, "Chinese Internet" reporter expansion interview survey. Three days earlier, the price line "ox", how to find the relationship between the trustee filing the so-called "Filing", is a sign of the hospital receiving pregnant women, built in its means usually check and maternity beds are guaranteed. 22 morning, the reporters came to the Huilongguan branch of Beijing Ji Shui Tan Hospital, Department of gynecology and obstetrics of pregnant women before the window is still visible "pre filing up small bench Paihao". Mr. Liu, who lives near the district for 5 weeks pregnant wife to file. "On Friday afternoon began queuing up at nine in the evening, security will be to determine the waiting list, and then four consecutive nights in the hospital hall. 7 o’clock on Tuesday morning, the window got started filing, 30 or 40, ranging from." Mr. Liu said: "the Huilongguan area hospital of this family, in order to facilitate the birth, who lives near the most pregnant women choose to the file." Mr. Liu joined the WeChat group queuing district residents near the spontaneous organization, there are people in the field on duty every day, to prevent a small bench "was out of line". It is understood that the Huilongguan branch of Beijing Ji Shui Tan Hospital 25, posted a notice, from September 1st onwards will enable the new appointment filing process, cancel the queue file. Reporters found that, as of August 20th, including No.3 Hospital of Beijing University, Xiehe Hospital, An Zhen Hospital and many other hospitals in Beijing, due in April next year, the files are covered. The reporter on the morning of 24 in No.3 Hospital of Beijing University interview, met a surnamed Liu claimed the traffickers in the outpatient service hall, commitment can help to "fix" due next April filing registration fee of 15000 yuan, the specific operation you will forget it, no problem." No. traffickers also suggested that the reporter, the number of No.3 Hospital of Beijing University, go to other similar large hospitals six thousand or seven thousand can be. To do more than Ms. check admitted that he had built in its acquaintances is supporting the relationship. "Hang two filing requirements of No.3 Hospital of Beijing University of experts, special can also, number of people, less difficult to hang. Resource tension, I heard the ward up to more than a dozen beds. But I belong to older mothers second child, No.3 Hospital of Beijing University at high-risk obstetrics is better, so it is still pofeizhouzhe chosen here." Filing difficult, how difficult where? "After the children are Yaohao" "after the difficult registration process, finally built on file"…… Reporters randomly into several file sharing, exchange forum, in a variety of experience strategy guide, from time to time that expectant mothers on the "archives" concerns. According to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau registration data, as of the end of 7, Beijing Hukou population reached 109 thousand, an increase of 41 thousand. In accordance with Beijing.相关的主题文章: