Apple ios10 online harassment Tencent with the largest database recommended by Sohu Technology wh60a

Apple iOS10 launched anti harassment by Tencent Award – Sohu recommended maximum database technology the early morning of September 14th, Apple released iOS10 official version, iPhone5 and above, iPad 4 and above models can be upgraded to the system, iOS10 has brought dozens of updates, including harassing phone intercept. Whether it is Apple’s official website iOS 10 pages, or App Store products, apple is especially recommended to the user mobile phone housekeeper Tencent application, so do not want to answer the phone can not meet at the same time, from the harassment, the maximum extent to avoid property damage caused by the loss of telecommunications fraud. In the future, Apple users only need to upgrade the system to iOS 10, and App Store to download the latest version of App (mobile phone housekeeper Tencent installed users only need a simple setup, can be updated) can enjoy the recognition and reporting, query, update number number number library comprehensive precise harassment interception service. With a number of new features to attract the eye, after the official release 24 hours, iOS upgrade rate of up to 14.53%, becoming the fastest growing iOS system in recent years, the highest rate of. Harassing phone intercept feature the most attention, the apple App Store, Tencent mobile Butler on the line more than second days, as the only one security software rushed to free APP recommended list of the top five, the first tool. It is understood that relying on Tencent quanyun library data, as well as social big data QQ, WeChat’s unique mobile phone housekeeper, Tencent has a number of recognition of the industry’s largest database, daily users tag number 8 million, number 150 million daily number recognition database, query volume 240 million. Every time a user receives a safe answer, Tencent mobile housekeeper has filtered out 1 billion 80 million harassment numbers, malicious number interception rate ranked first in the industry. Tencent with large data accumulation to provide users with security is not an example. In the past ten years and the production of black against the Tencent, has accumulated a large safety data of more than 100T. To this end, in the face of enterprise cloud services, Tencent launched a day of cloud business security, covering the activities of anti brush, registration protection, login protection, message filtering, image authentication yellow, verification code, etc.. The activity of anti brush as an example, the malicious behavior for the electricity supplier O2O, P2P, game, various industries such as marketing and payment, cloud Tencent provides the ability to intercept and identify a strong risk for enterprise users, in order to ensure preferential activities can eventually reach users. The data dimension large enough can let Tian Yu easier to find black production behavior, it is understood that the day Royal support data including malicious mobile phone number, latitude IP, email, mobile phone equipment, bank cards, identity cards, WeChat QQ account and other vertical properties that can excavate the characteristic information of wool party. The apple iOS10 online harassment, Tencent’s security capabilities once again attracted everyone’s attention. With social big data such as QQ and WeChat massive business under the accumulation of years of experience and safety of precipitation, the Tencent has the largest accumulation of large data security. It can be predicted that in the end users and enterprise users and other levels.相关的主题文章: