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Book-Reviews If you love to read ancient books that reveal true facts behind every story from the past, then Aristophil is the place for you. It is one of the outstanding .panies which offer an unparalleled collection of bygone items such as rare books, precious autographs, illuminated manuscripts and many other historic documents. You no more need to worry about the price of these gems as the .pany provides an incredible range of collectibles at .petitive prices. It is just a matter of few clicks of the mouse and you can explore the highest quality collection of antiques available at Aristophil. The .pany displays the rare collections of coins, books, letters, etc. at the Museum of Letters and Manuscripts and other European museums. These collectibles are open for everyone from any corner of the world so that they can know the value of this treasure. Old books are considered as the best source to get insight about world’s history, life of ancient people, their culture, past events, etc. Treat ancient books with care: If you want to conserve good condition of ancient books for longer time, then handle them with care and store at safe places. Old books are printed on ground wood pulp paper which gets yellowed and brittle over time, if not kept in the right condition. Storing your books: Always remember that large and heavy books are best stored in flat condition. Keep your books on shelves upright at 90 angle to the surface of shelf with the support of books from both sides to avoid distortion of covers. Improve the environment: There are two factors which can possibly improve environmental conditions for your books. These are as follows: Lighting: Keep your books away from sunlight as it can bleach spines and paper thus leading to an increase the acid content of paper. Temperature & humidity: Always try to maintain a constant temperature and humidity and ensure regular passage of air in the book storage area. In case, room temperature is high, leather bindings may dry out & crack, so keep your books far from heat sources like radiators and fires. Also, prevent storing books in damp conditions to avoid spores of fungi from blooming on your books. Clean your books: In order to prevent accumulation of dust on your books, clean them at regular intervals as dust can be the food source for moulds and mildew. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: