Autologous fat filling is reliable beself

Autologous fat filling is reliable? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! (source: the famous plastic surgeon Ma Meisheng micro-blog) in China, the plastic is not what happens, the whole small to micro injection, to face degeneration, It is often seen. Some friends have received plastic surgery, or friends and relatives have been around plastic surgery. The most common is entertainment, most of the stars have been plastic. Autologous fat transplantation is currently the most popular plastic surgery, for many friends may be very strange. But it was already used in plastic surgery in the 70s of last century. Many friends have consulted whether autologous fat filling is reliable. Let’s take a look at the fat as the body’s main energy storage organization, in the body of sugar and protein intake is insufficient consumption, the energy of the ‘spare battery’. But in modern times, the body’s sugar and protein intake is not enough, and often excess, resulting in no consumption of fat, so in most people’s body, the fat content is excess. According to the modern aesthetic, many people face, chest and other parts of the depression, not fullness and other defects. Autologous fat transplantation is the body of excess fat transplanted to the defect site, so that its fullness. In order to replace the prosthesis, hyaluronic acid and other exotic fillings. The advantages of autologous fat has the following points: 1, autologous fat filled with the material from its own, will not produce rejection after transplantation, allergic reactions. 2, compared to the prosthesis, hyaluronic acid, autologous fat shape, elasticity, softness. Similar or identical to the defect site. After filling the effect of natural, feel real, no foreign body feeling. 3, after the success of fat transplantation, the survival of fat will not easily be decomposed by the body metabolism. Can stay for life. 4, the operation process no matter from fat, fat or implantation, the wound is very small, quick recovery, and will not leave scars. In fact, many friends pay more attention to the disadvantages than the advantages, autologous fat filling has its limitations and shortcomings. Limitations: the condition of autologous fat filling surgery is necessary for the United States to have a certain amount of fat, too thin or too fat people are not suitable for autologous fat transplantation surgery. But because of its characteristics of autologous fat soft, shaping effect as prosthesis. The survival rate of fat transplantation was not one hundred percent, the survival rate was affected by the constitution of the patients, the location of fat, the location of transplantation, the amount of fat, the doctor’s experience, the level of implantation… Many factors influence. Disadvantages: autologous fat transplantation, although minimally invasive surgery, but its doctor’s experience and technical requirements are very strict. From fat, purification, to transplant, as far as possible in the shortest possible time in vitro fat. And the level of fat intake and implant levels, will determine the effect of surgery. Illegal operation can even cause infection, necrosis and other phenomena. Pictures from the network of autologous fat for plastic surgery has been more than 50 years, the surgical technology has matured. Its application in the breast, forehead, temples, Feng Feng Feng, Feng chin, apple muscle. The effect is very good. Experienced doctors can also use fat to lung.相关的主题文章: