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Baidu search for "open shop" thousands of victims cheated about 7000000 – Beijing original title: search for "open shop" they cheated about 7000000 Baidu responded to Baidu, the company launched in April last year to promote a day later, due to alleged violations of content was offline for 300 yuan of registered 500 yuan, shop decoration and maintenance outlets, 800 yuan provide free supply of goods, 5880 yuan for high-quality goods…… Recently, the Mianyang police, Mianyang city business extension e-commerce company to "join Taobao, on behalf of the operators, brush reputation, maintenance shop" in the name of fraud cases across the country through the network, more than 200 cases involving alleged fraud, the amount of up to 700 yuan. The suspect confessed, the company was first launched on Baidu, the victim through Baidu search how to open shop, then the company will immediately pop up the dialog box, and then step by step into the trap of fraud. 18, 2009, Baidu responded, after inquiry, the company launched in April last year, a day after the line, due to alleged violations of the content is offline. Trick to "teach" she opened the shop by Yibin Ms. Wang cheated million yuan in Chengdu to work, because the work is easy, the initiation of the idea of open shop. However, how to open shop, where supply and other issues, Ms. Wang utterly ignorant of. In February this year, Ms. Wang through the Baidu input "how to open shop", pop up a "Mianyang city business extension e-commerce company" dialog box, the other said, the company specializes in helping people in the Taobao store business. "I contact customer service, leave my phone, WeChat, QQ and other contact each other, give me a QQ number, as a friend, I was introduced to the size of the company, how to operate, they say I feel very professional, ready to find them to open shop." Ms. Wang said, then, the other said, you only need to pay 800 yuan a service fee, you can also shop for generation, supply, "their commitment to follow-up without charge, so I have more trust, through the transfer of 800 yuan WeChat." A day later, a self claimed Ms. Liu added Ms. Wang QQ, taught her how to open shop, how to maintain, how goods shelves and so on, and gave Ms. Wang a shop baby link. Ms. Wang’s shop on this open, but, a few days down and did not browse, not to mention the transaction. At this point, Ms. Liu told Ms. Wang, the need for the promotion of the shop, the goods can be sold, promotion fee 3680 yuan. Ms. Wang and transfer 3680 yuan. "Pay, shop does have views, but no business. I asked each other, they said that the supply problem, before the quality of the supply, the need for quality supply, joined the fee of 5880 yuan, $8880, $10880, they said the investigation, no problem." Ms. Wang first paid 480 yuan, said there is a transaction and then hit the tail section. Ms. Wang’s shop into a quality sourcing, the first day of trading 8 single. Immediately, Ms. Wang paid 5400 yuan for the tail. However, after the money to the other side, no more transactions, and the first 8 orders of the transaction has been returned. Ms. Wang相关的主题文章: