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Reference-and-Education In the present secnario company not only demands for technical degrees like B.Tech, B.E, MCA and others in order to consider individuals for the jobs and now also asks for certification in any of the technologies in which that particular good deals in. In fact, not only certification but it should be from a quality organization. Most of the leading I.T and other corporate companies are paying more attention on certification and skills rather than on degree because their ultimate goal is to make their employees work on the respective technologies in order to fetch maximum profit out of the market and beating the competition. This is the age of branding in the market, every company dream to establishing them as a brand name in their respective working domains. For gaining branding in the market, the most important thing which is required is quality work. Quality work is the first and foremost thing which should in the mind of the owners of the company. It depend upon the skills and experience of the employees working in the company that what will the standards of the products and services of the company. Right blend of skills and experience is required in the professionals for establish their company’s name as a brand in the market. The expectations of the organizations are so high nowadays that they wants Fresher’s to have some industrial experience before entering into the industry. Although, it is not a cake walk for the students to have industrial work experience without being a employee of any company but it can be possible somehow. the best way to do it is summer training just after the completion of second and third year of the professional degree like engineering, MCA and others respectively. Summer training is an unmatchable way for getting experience on latest technologies under the supervision of some of the finest professionals in the industry. In fact, very few students knows the fact that apart from training institute there are some of the finest I.T and embedded system training organizations in cities like Delhi, Lucknow, Noida, Dehradun, Roorkee and Chandigarh, especially in the Mohali region which deals in software and electronics products development and outsourcing along with industrial summer training programs for the professional technical students like MCA, B.Tech and others. After the completion of the summer training these organizations provides certification to the students as a mark of assurance of the students being well skilled and of successful project work completion. Leading multi-national organization consider candidates with summer training certificate on various technologies and skills from a reputed company rather than from a institution. As, candidates can learn technical attainments there but can’t learn professionalism from the institutes. For become a professional of values, one need to visit industry for their internship needs. No doubts, that candidates have to pay some amount for the internship unlike the government organization where students can do their summer learning for free or sometimes gets stipend too but don’t get anything to learn over there. And, without knowledge and professionalism it get very difficult for the candidates to make their mark in the corporate sector. Learning attainments and professionalism which are very much required in the market today can be achieved only through quality summer training. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: