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Beijing Olympic Water Park is the best place to run? Outdoor fun obstacles the most popular tourism Sohu in the fall race at the Beijing Olympic Water Park held successfully, which is derived from the ColumbiaTough Running limit cool North American run fun slalom, outdoor sports enthusiasts from all walks of life, family, a total of more than Master running to participate in, the official number of entries of more than 1500. Founded in Portland in the United States Columbia (Columbia) outdoor clothing brand, will be introduced into the domestic tournament. It combines outdoor running and obstacle elements, is an interesting challenge both challenges and entertaining game, but also broke the tradition of the past, the movement, the challenge and adventure together, has now become a global movement of people’s favor, it also opens the domestic extreme cool running and outdoor Carnival a new page. The Columbia Tough Running yesterday limit cool steeplechase, adult contestants need to complete the KM track across the tire giant array, across the ladder, Biandai dance, cross the wall, climbing wall, high rope drift challenges novel obstacle and endurance test at end point, this is a subversion of the same physical lines. Is a test of the ability to coordinate the contestants and courage. Interestingly, in teams and players, dressed in "Spider Man", "Hulk", "little monsters" dress, competition, and competition between players is not cruel, but everywhere is to help each other, such as the obstacle wall, some of the girls for some difficult field players when the ladder to help strangers. The final obstacle to the adult contestants Yu Huaiwu to 41 minutes and 45 seconds to get a good result of the title of the champion, the women’s champion by Ma Jingchun to score 48 points in 51 seconds to get 62 of the results of the 96. Columbia Tough Running the ultimate cool steeplechase also for the family, especially the preschool children aged 4-6 set up a children’s meter steeplechase, children from different families participate in the game, they will pass along the way through the jungle, ocean ball, psychedelic castle and other special obstacles, exercise the baby face the difficulties of courage and guts, seriously look like each of the children to cross the obstacles more attracted a large crowd of audience. The parents also said that the game provides a wonderful opportunity for them to increase parent-child affection, leaving them a family together to meet the challenges of an unforgettable experience. The game also attracted many celebrities to participate in, for example in the month just created the world cross-country race history, continuous back is completed and the 2015 UTMB Chinese Lei first player Li Tiejun, famous cross-country runners, cross-country runner gold olive female Swiss bird, well-known fashion hot mom in three of the world’s top cross-country events mother Chen Yi with a small red horse, Qiduo by Jin Indoorsman rapid weight loss, and became obsessed with marathon Wen Fenglin, known as Michael Jackson Che Enjun, the horizontal bar on the "wave" of the financial, white-collar surfing master Liu Jiayue, as well as outdoor ring can eat can play can say with non.相关的主题文章: