Beijing three department intends to adjust the public security system for a 5 level cadres

Beijing three department intends to adjust the public security system for a 5 level cadres recently, Beijing cadres publicity is intensive, including a number of municipal departments to change leaders, 5 bureau level cadres of public security system adjustment. Xicheng District Secretary Wang Lijun intends to nominate candidates for director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the municipal government. The current affairs office director Wang Minghao recently has been appointed to the District of Pinggu on behalf of the mayor. But the former mayor Jiang Fan is transferred to the municipal government deputy secretary general. The Beijing Law Association party secretary, full-time vice chairman Miao Lin intends to exchange as municipal government departments, in his long political and legal system. At the age of 47, the city environmental protection bureau deputy director of the party is to be appointed municipal departments Publicity Bureau level leadership positions. Because of the working relationship, Chang’an Avenue governor APP has contact with him: the key stage in the treatment of PM2.5, he often take the initiative to communicate with the media, the timely release of information. Where major news, he will work overtime to personally verify the manuscript, careful study of public data, and strive to rigorous, impressive. As the Exchange District People’s government intends to tension the incumbent soldiers targeted aid and Economic Cooperation Work Leading Group Office director. A few days ago, he was personally involved in the counterpart support regional specialty products exhibition organization in beijing. Zhang Libing is rich in experience, both in urban living, and when the two district level leadership, but also to the earthquake reconstruction line. This means that he be appointed mayor, currently in Beijing District 16 district one transferred to other posts. The concern is that there have been more than the City Commission for Discipline Inspection cadres as the District Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Deputy Secretary of the discipline committee, the nomination and inspection discipline in conjunction with the Organization Department "is highly consistent with the requirements. Li Runhua is currently the Beijing municipal public security bureau Party committee, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau to nominate candidates for the TA who? Male, 59 years old (born in April 1957), the Han nationality, Hebei Hejian, joined the party in August 1979, March 1976 to participate in the work of the Party School of the Central University (Central Party School Correspondence School of Political Science), senior engineer. Former Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau thirteen Police Brigade deputy commander (deputy director), political commissar of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Security Director, director of safety inspection department, Public Security Administration Corps commander, Party committee member, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, Public Security Administration Corps, Beijing city administrative law enforcement the Secretary (chief). His current position in July 2010. Yin Yanjing, the CPC Beijing municipal Party committee of Haidian, Beijing City Public Security Bureau Haidian branch to be nominated for the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau inspector candidate who is TA? Male, 59 years old (born in July 1957), the Han nationality, Shandong Wenshang, joined the party in May 1979, in March 1976, Beijing city public school and professional college graduate, the Central Party school graduate (Central Party School of law theory professional), senior engineer. Served as deputy director and director of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Command Center, Changping branch Police Corps political commissar, political commissar of the Tongzhou Tongzhou District Committee, branch secretary. His current position in October 2011. Chen Longbo, deputy general manager of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau public security corps 6相关的主题文章: