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Beijing tobacco control survey: a table for 7 people 4 people smoking, the restaurant is tobacco control difficulty Beijing – creative photography Beijing News reporter Wang expedition recently, 13 restaurants were more than 5 times the cumulative complaints by the Beijing city health supervision by interviews, these 13 restaurants are pear, golden spoon in hand, Zhou Dongpo, long eyebrow previously, the people’s commune canteen, on ice, scorpion palace, sea fishing, barbecue hut, Jin Dingxuan, point on, old town pot, Qingfeng baozi pu. Known as the history of the most forbidden to smoke, the Beijing Tobacco Control Ordinance has been implemented for nearly a year and a half, the city’s public places smoking situation has improved significantly. According to Zhang Jianshu, chairman of the Beijing Municipal Association for the control of smoking, public satisfaction with the high degree of regulation, but the restaurant is still the most common people, the largest number of complaints. Beijing News reporter found in the part of the restaurant to visit and restaurant is not part of the list of the visits, most restaurants are posted no smoking signs, but the post position part of the restaurant is not obvious. In addition, there are still some Restaurant restaurant smoking phenomenon, measures are not the same, Wangjianglou, Xidan ShabuShabu customers still smoking, the shop did not stop. – visit Xidan, Wangjiang floor, building ShabuShabu flying: smoking is not discouraged in late November 12th 6, the Beijing News reporter to eat in the glorious road near the floor, although with no smoking signs in the hall, but someone asked the waiter can smoke, but the waiter suggested best two of two cigarettes, not together. As the waiter did not stop smoking, the other table customers also began to smoke, most of the time a table of 7 customers at the same time there are 4 smoking, but the waiter did not discourage. In another restaurant, a similar situation has occurred. Recently, the Beijing News reporter in Xidan instant boiled meat meal, although the restaurant lobby was posted no smoking signs and hotlines, but can smell the obvious smell of tobacco. The little shop, the reporter found that in such a process, in the lobby of the side rooms, the door half open, a table of diners are smoking, reporter rough statistics, about 10 people in the room, at least 5 people are smoking. Reporters to the clerk to reflect this problem, the other expressed frustration, saying it is useless to discourage. The reporter then in the course of the meal, the room came from time to time of tobacco. At noon on November 12th, is located in the building with Guangqumen flying in the wedding, the wedding process of no smoking, no smoking during the meal. But after dinner, there are individuals who attend the wedding around the dining table chat, there are three people lit cigarettes. Although the waiter had made it clear to the Beijing News reporter that the room can not smoke, smoking is also a sign on the wall inside the hall, but when the waiter through the side of smokers, did not discourage. Meizhou Dongpo, Dayali, DongLaiShun: No Smoking signs are not obvious in November 10th 12 pm, the reporter visited at noon in Yizhuang Meizhou Dongpo restaurant. Restaurants have smoking signs, but not obvious, no ashtray on the table. In an hour or so lunch time, located in the first floor of the hall and the small hall were not found smoking. Because the room is the most warm相关的主题文章: