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You can double eye adjustment and Ge You lie hi mirror VR came – Sohu technology media training camp on September 18th reported that the text of the sea in the sea in September 18th, Zhao Shuping’s hi tech VR glasses hi H2 new release. Hi mirror H2 focus on viewing, focusing on lying to see the viewing enjoyment, hi mirror first generation of products in 2015 to raise more than a million Jingdong platform. At present hi mirror H2 has logged Jingdong all chips, starting price of 3699 yuan. Hi mirror CEO Wang Jisen said, this era is "entertainment to death" era. Theater entertainment development to the living room entertainment, after personal entertainment will be the new direction of development. "The bigger screen does not belong to you, we need a piece of their own giant screen, then the individual large screen entertainment is the first arrival of the revolution." When a reporter asked whether the hi mirror model will have an impact on the cinema, Wang Jisen said: Hi mirror this VR viewing is the incremental market cinema. It is to create a lie to see the entertainment, is in line with the needs of office workers need to rest and entertainment groups, but also to meet the majority of people can not go to the cinema to see the regret." The hardware platform, and VR content often determines the product vitality, in training camp Wang Jisen told the media reporters about these three aspects, it said "these three are not hi mirror short board, the future will be the construction of ecological environment." At the scene, the reporter learned that the media training camp, hi mirror H2 using two SONY 0.7 HD? OLED micro display screen, with 2 million pixels, PPI reached 3147, single resolution 1080P, independent eye imaging, 1000 degrees of myopia eyes independent adjustment, can restore 1:1 ultra clear film. At the same time, hi mirror H2 screen size reached 800, virtual imaging distance of about 15 meters, the field of view of 51, is by far the most suitable for human eyes for a long time to watch the best size of the giant screen. Hi mirror CEO Wang Jisen told reporters: 15 meters is the best viewing distance, is the emperor’s position in the IMAX theater, but also to ensure that no damage to the eyes." In addition, hi mirror H2 also supports naked eye 3D, comes with 1000 degree binocular myopia adjustment, binocular independent imaging 3D principle allows 3D effect more realistic. This also means that even if you are short-sighted, you can also find the most comfortable viewing. H2 screen upgrade from 750 to H1, the whole machine is only 236g, reducing the weight of the body to the heavy feeling, but also liberate the hands of the. Hi mirror also has a black technology flash point. According to Wang Jisen introduction, one of the biggest highlights hi mirror H2, is the mirror team developed a self independent chip, this chip was named pirates". This is the world’s only independent research and development chip used in the VR company. Pirate chips focus on video processing capabilities, the main role of two points: you can plug PC, tablet computers and other multimedia playback devices, plug and play; can support different formats of 3D video. Wang Jisen told the media reporters training camp, VR content and VR content on the early adopters, now are a few minutes short-sighted"相关的主题文章: